There are some who would say that this is a strange time in the world […]
By Matt "Wolverine" Johnson
February 26, 2015
Krakow - Amaran album cover

There are some who would say that this is a strange time in the world of Metal. With so many different sounds and styles and up-and-coming bands, it can be very random in whatever way someone discovers the genre and become interested. The bands that they find that they like may be greatly influenced by a band they first discovered as they were just entering into the world of Metal. One such band that may get the attention of a new Metal listener is KRAKOW. So experimental is the sound this band has, that one may not even know they are listening to Metal! And thus, it would open the door for the listener to discover more bands after their curiosity became aroused on that account. Their new album "Amaran" features a variety of soft, experimental Metal cuts that you might expect to be heard in a post-industrial setting.

In the first song, "Luminaut", I heard a few things that reminded me of something the Swedish Metal titans TIAMAT could have influenced (mostly after the two minute mark, in the style of vocals, lyrics, instrumentation, and tempo). After that, the rest of the album became very ambiguous and vague up until the seventh and last song, "Ten Silent Circles". Its soft pinch harmonic vibes gave it a very stellar atmosphere and actually reminded me of a riff one might hear in a New-Wave or Djent Metal song.

In general, the theme of "Amaran" is dark and rather morose. It gives me an introspective state of mind in the same way that something that could be called Coffee Shop Post-Metal would. Despite the monotone effect I got from listening, it was actually enjoyable (it was cloudy and raining as I listened so it seemed to match the mood of the weather). It is easy to think that any band coming from Bergren, Norway, the home of Blastfest and at least one major Black Metal band, would be influenced by such Metal extremes. Respectably however and in conclusion, KRAKOW has managed to establish their own direction and follow a path of music that is still in its beginning stages.

7 / 10


"Amaran" Track-listing:

1. Luminauts
2. Atom
3. Genesis
4. Vitriol
5. Wait
6. Diorama
7. Ten Silent Circles

Krakow Lineup:

Frode Kilvik
René Misje
Kjartan Grønhaug
Ask Ty Arctander

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