Chronicles of Perversion


Maybe it's the unintelligible vocals or the flat sound overall, but "Chronicles of Perversion" lacks anything […]
By Jack Webb
October 5, 2015
Kraanium - Chronicles of Perversion album cover

Maybe it's the unintelligible vocals or the flat sound overall, but "Chronicles of Perversion" lacks anything to make it stand out. It is simply boring, with guttural vocals that make you cringe and flat out laugh. This is not an album that is worth anyone's time. I was actually wishing for it to end, no joke, I was praying for this album to finish so I could feel something more than "bree bree bree" over a bland drum beat. But it just goes on and on and on ad infinitum. 40 minutes of this should be considered torture by the UN.

I hate to start reviews with an opinion but this album leaves me no choice. Everything is so mechanical that it kills the very spirit of Death Metal. The drums are so blatantly clicked in through Pro Tools that it makes me wince. And as for the song titles, well I guess "Fermented Uteral Mastication" speaks for itself. Just a piss poor attempt to seem "brutal". Remember the kid from school who would only listen to a band if they drank the blood of their fans? This album is the embodiment of that guy.

When you can call out exactly where the song is going and the exact tempo you know exactly what you are dealing with. Uninspiring and completely devoid of any substance, KRAANIUM exist solely to appeal to those metal elitists who only care for "Brutal shit". At the end of the day, any band that panders to this crowd is really not worth it.

2 / 10

What the Hell?

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"Chronicles of Perversion" Track-listing:

1. Rock Filled Orifice
2. Human Skin Fuck Doll
3. Hung by Your Entrails
4. Destined for Surgical Defilement
5. Evisceration of Pre-Teen Cadavers
6. Chronicles of Perversion
7. Acid Combustion
8. Rusty Knife Defloration
9. Fermented Uteral Mastication
10. Sodomize Her Headless Corpse
11. Revisitate to Mutilate

Kraanium Lineup:

Martin Funderud - Vocals
Jason Varlamos - Guitar
Mats Funderud - Guitar
Brad Wroe - Bass
Mitch Rider - Drums

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