What happens when musicians try to break the unwritten rules and explore the possibilities of […]
By V. Srikar
March 13, 2014
Korseld - Jordevandring album cover

What happens when musicians try to break the unwritten rules and explore the possibilities of music beyond the confines? It not only creates new fan base, but also may bring in lot of backlash for the musicians. In a world of Death Doom, where songs shorten than 7 minutes are considered Blasphemy, the boys from KORSELD who have formed this band after DARK LEGACY, try to bend the rules and even try to sound convincing with their songs clocking around average of 3-4 minutes and the longest just below 7 minutes. So the band took me by surprise even before I finished listening to the 1st song. Through the crying guitar riffs of Daniel Reese and equally beautiful Keyboards solos by Daniel Tjenberg, the music moans all throughout the album, there is a distinct absence of long thick guitar riffs that are so often seen in the world of Death / Doom.

With the rhythmic drums in the background, the music chugs along with as the growling vocals of Daniel Tjenberg (who also handles the Keyboards) which add life to the music like in most albums in the genre. While the song names and lyrics are in Swedish language, the music as a whole as mentioned above is slightly faster for a normal Doom band and also incorporates slight Drone elements in it. One of most interesting elements that I find of KORSELD is that, unlike most Doom bands, the music here is actually catchy, not too much though, but it's mainly created due to its free flowing faster song composition compared to a traditional Death / Doom band as mentioned earlier, even with maintaining its Doom elements in its music. The work on Keyboards by Daniel Tjenberg is one of the highlights of the album and brings in a new flavor and variety into the music, sometimes going solo with no guitars in the background in songs like "Korseld eldstrid" (which has to be one of my favourite songs from the album), not commonly heard in this genre. The bass is spread all over the album sparing the acoustic parts, but does nothing noteworthy. The band bring out their best efforts in the longest song of the album "Korseld Dagen Da Kriget Kom", as it brings out thick chugging head banging riffage for nearly 7 minutes and all that without any vocals, giving the instruments more air to breathe and express themselves, reminding you of the classic doom that brought you into this genre in the first place and quite easily becomes my favourite track from this 39 minutes album. "Jordevandring" coming out from Dikotomi Productions, is full of signature riffs and doesn't sound monotonous, which is highly commendable for a band bringing out their debut album from the land of Orsundsbro, Sweden.

While the production is of a moderate standard, the music gives me a mixed feeling, as much as I am happy that it's breaking new grounds and being innovative, I'm not totally convinced by the shorter songs in the album and also find it hard to articulate what the lyrics are about as they are in Swedish. While this is not a bad album by any means, it's not the best that I have heard in this genre and is also nothing ground breaking even with the acoustic elements involved along with keyboards.

8 / 10


"Jordevandring" Track-listing:

1. Möte med döden
2. Bombräd
3. De sista att falla
4. Dagen då kriget kom
5. Eldstrid
6. I korpens skugga
7. Gryningstid
8. Skyttegravens mörker
9. Jordevandring

Korseld Lineup:

Daniel Tjernberg - Keyboards / Vocals
Daniel Reese - Guitars

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