How do I introduce a band that needs no introduction? If you know anything about […]
By Matt "Wolverine" Johnson
April 8, 2015
Korpiklaani - Noita album cover

How do I introduce a band that needs no introduction? If you know anything about folk metal or extremely popular and catchy Finnish bands, you will have at least come across the name KORPIKLAANI. There is no denying the sextet from Lahti is established as one of the alcoholic heavyweights in the genre. Hits like "Vodka," "Tequila" and "Beer Beer" have captured the hearts of fans both drunk and sober and have propelled the band into the international spotlight, appearing multiple times on the Paganfest circuit and doing headliner shows around the world. This is one of the most fun, innovative bands in Metal and their latest album "Noita" is yet another solid addition to anyone's music collection.

Unfortunately I am once again at a loss to what the lyrics or song titles are about without the use of a translator, but I have learned a few. The opening track title roughly translates to "The Vineyard Man," then the second track is "The Willow Whistle." The fourth track is about home-brewed beer (imagine that!) then the sixth song title indicates that "I Saw the Water Mermaid." Track number eight is about a "crib" in a Spring Village, while the last song containing the word for the album "Noita" is about the speaker being or knowing a witch. I know the word for "witch" in Spanish which is "bruja" so I at least have that much going for me. I'm sure that my interpretations are abhorrent to a native Finnish speaker but I am doing my best to educate myself in the name of Metal!

Now one thing about KORPIKLAANI's music is the absolute "hookiness" of it. It's very rhythmic and melodic all set to an upbeat, almost Polka tempo. The liberal use of the accordion, the hurdy gurdy, fiddle, and woodwind instruments provide a very international and cultured element to the sound you would expect from them. This is a well-organized cornucopia of vibrant sounds that give life to the speakers and have an overall positive vibe that makes people want to dance and crank up the mosh pit at the same time. There are a couple of slower tunes that allow the listener to enjoy the music but not hurt them while they're hungover, but the majority of songs here present that fast-paced energy that drives us to drink!

Released on Nuclear Blast Records, you know that this is some high quality work from a label with a reputation for signing big acts in the world of Metal. Everything about this album speaks to the caliber of talent that has been the formula for KORPIKLAANI's success. It helps that all parties involved were dedicated to bestowing the best possible listening experience that "Noita" could offer.

There are comparable bands out there but none with quite the star power that Jonne and the guys from the land of Finns have. Don't get me wrong, bands like ALESTORM and SUIDAKRA pack a serious punch and boast a large fan following but none in the realm of what some have called "Alcoholic Folk Metal" have the influence and popularity that KORPIKLAANI do. So ready or "Noita," it's time to drink and dance to another incredible album from our favorite Forest Clan!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Noita" Track-listing:

1. Viinamäen Mies
2. Pilli On Pajusta Tehty
3. Lempo
4. Sahti
5. Luontoni
6. Minä Näin Vedessä Neidon
7. Jouni Jouni
8. Kylästä Keväinen Kehto
9. Ämmänhauta
10. Sen Verran Minäkin Noita

Korpiklaani Lineup:

Jonne - Vocals, Guitars, Hurdy-Gurdy, & Percussion
Sami - Accordion
Matson - Drums
Rounakari - Fiddle
Jarkko - Bass
Cane - Guitars

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