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KORPIKLAANI or 'Forest Clan' (in Finnish) are back with another Folk Metal assault for your […]
By Ian Kaatz
March 20, 2008
Korpiklaani - Korven Kuningas album cover

KORPIKLAANI or 'Forest Clan' (in Finnish) are back with another Folk Metal assault for your ears. They have really made a name for themselves over the last few years with some bigger tours of Europe and a mini tour of the US. The excitement behind this album for me is moderate, I suppose due to the fact that I haven't listened to them since their second album, but I can't remember why I didn't get 'into' them that much back then.

The band began as SHAMAN, but then changed their name when the direction of the band changed from Metal with Folk touches and all native lyrics to taking many traditional Finnish Folk songs and adding Metal to them. Though it sounds similar it's not as much as you would think.  Anyway, the lineup was ever changing in the beginning, but has been solid since the release of Tales Along The Road. As stated previously, they have been doing some major touring in Europe and a mini tour of the US that has been steadily drawing more and more fans to their realm.

The first track is exactly what I remembered, a Folk Metal infusion that makes you wanna stomp your foot, head bang, and cheers the gods all at the same time. Metsamies is a tad slower and is more focused on the accordion to add to the Folk-yness. The song also just has a more melodic over tone on the whole compared to the first. For the third track the vocals are more along the lines of a chant than singing. The guitar and drums have an ultra gallopy rhythm to them perhaps the meaning behind the title, Keep On Galloping. I can say that this is easily my favorite song thus far from KORPIKLAANI, period. If MANOWAR were a Finnish Folk Metal band this would be a song for them.

Northern Fall is a good medium-to-fast tempo song. The wood block or whatever the percussion instrument that is used on this track really gives the song an extra folk feel.  Not to mention this track is a real foot stomper. The fifth track is an instrumental, I personally didn't find it to be all that special; a decent track though. The chorus of the next composition sounds really awesome with the way Jonne sings the notes; feels like they complement the music really well.  

It was with in between track six and seven that I realized why I didn't get the last album by the band, because about half way through it gets kinda stale.  A change in the vocals is welcome change from the seventh song, however. I like the musicianship quite a bit on this track; sounds really strong and cohesive. The violin solo is pretty sick and sounds great with the guitars and then what I think is the jouhikko solo following is quality as well. Gods On Fire has an excellent ultra melodic track beginning, which makes you want to raise your beer stein to the gods but not in excitement for a party but in tribute to the fallen.  

The ninth folk anthem picks it back up and is the next track whose speed contends with that of the album opener. The guitar solo is super interesting sounding and I am not sure what he does differently but it sounds different then the other solos on the album. It just has a more folk sound to it. Another great sing-a-long track follows. It has a very humppa feel to it.  Suden Joiku has a fantastic intro with a really thick sounding guitar and not as sped up as the other tracks. The vocals are also an interesting complement once the guitar does pick up, since the vocals stay along the same level with mid-range crooning. The song immediately following is the fastest most chaotic song on the album; borderline FINNTROLL here.  The next song takes a huge u-turn and goes to almost a sludgey folk sound, very intriguing. The final track for this version of the album is another mid to fast paced one similar to the first. I did like the slow droning part towards the end, which kind of made it stand out.

Korven Kuningas is an album that is just natural progression for the band. While the middle of the album was getting stale, the tail end of the album really varied it up quite a bit and saved it.  This album should be recommended for anyone that is a fan of Folk Metal.


7 / 10


"Korven Kuningas" Track-listing:

Keep On Galloping
Northern Fall
Shall We Take A Turn?
Paljon On Koskessa Kivia
Ali Jaisten Vetten
Gods On Fire
Nuolet Nomalan
Suden Joiku
Syntykoski Syommehessain
Korven kuningas

Korpiklaani Lineup:

Jonne - Electric & Acoustic guitars, Lead Vocals, Mandolin
Hittavainen - Acoustic & Electric Violin, Jouhikko, Tin-whistle, Recorder, Torupill (Bagpipe), Mandolin, Mouth-harp
Juho - Accordion, Backing Vocals, Guitars
Jarkko - Bass
Cane - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Matson - Drums & Backing vocals

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