The Night Goes On


KONQUEST is a promising new band, and it seems they are ready to take the […]
By Patrick McMahon
January 10, 2021
Konquest - The Night Goes On album cover

KONQUEST is a promising new band, and it seems they are ready to take the metal world by storm! Truly pure, epic, and old school, what began as a solo project to Alex Rossi is apparently gathering momentum. The powerhouse musician wrote and recorded every piece of this album, and a band quickly formed around it. Founded in Prato, Italy in early 2020, it seems to me that this group has everything it takes to begin conquering stages and stirring up the music scene.

With "Theme of the Konqueror", obvious respect is paid to many brilliant metal minds that have lived through the years. The track demands immediate respect as it hits with classic recording style, combined with blistering dual lead guitar and melody that screams old school. Did I mention that the track is purely instrumental? I should have. KONQUEST obviously wants to show their audience what they are all about, up front, without beating around the bush. Honestly, with the bass and kick combo, they might have beaten straight through it!

I honestly want to walk through this entire album, but the depth and character of its movements are bold. Much more, I think, meant to be heard instead of talked about. There are elements that carry across the entire album: blistering overdriven guitar (that seems clear enough to imagine the sweat on the strings), extra punchy bass guitar, and the drum mix and master to beautifully tie the sound together.

Vocals drive the album forward from the second track "The Night Goes On", quickly making the list as my personal favorite. The driving riff of the track is unforgettable, seemingly to the tune of songs from our past (I think perhaps, songs about Motor City being the Rock City). There is no doubt this one is stuck in my head. With tight rhythm and blistering leads, "Helding Back the Tears" is another fantastic track. It is everything I enjoy about the 80's, without the age. "The Vision" ends the album with the same bite as the start. Vocal layering is a strong part of the chorus, and featured as one of very few effects to this no nonsense display of raw talent.

I can tell you simply, if you are looking to bash out with new old school, this album was made specifically for you. The KONQUEST band wagon is here to take you with a winning combination of grit, power, and thrash. I look forward to many more releases from the old school newcomers!

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"The Night Goes On" Track-listing:

1. Theme of the Konqueror
2. The Night Goes On
3. Too Late
4. Keep Me Alive
5. Fall of the Konqueror
6. Helding Back the Tears
7. Heavy Heart
8. The Vision

Konquest Lineup:

Alex Rossi - Writer/Multi-Instrumentalist

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