The Culling Of Wolves

Knights Of The Abyss

There is something that I do not like in the recent Death Metal scene of […]
By Dimitris Karametros
September 9, 2010
Knights Of The Abyss - The Culling Of Wolves album cover

There is something that I do not like in the recent Death Metal scene of America. It's probably that some new bands that come to the scene combine Death Metal with this new em...modern? Shit that deathcore is, obviously these bands need to take a trip to our northern colder regions and have an educational lesson on the nature of Death Metal, hopefully KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS are a straight arrow.

KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS might be from America but that does not hinder them to play straight classic death Metal. Of course I haven't listened to any of their previous two albums but if they are not as "The Culling Of Wolves" I'd rather not listen to them at all. You people who think I am biased and listen to JOB FOR A COWBOY know that I can find were you live and come and use my two-handed sword to remodel your house, so back to the KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS. Well nothing much to say here; classic Death Metal, good and solid. Admirably solid I would say, this boys are good, they do not bring anything new to the scene but never the less good, not in a "it could be worse" good but...good. And I really like the semi-political lyrics that is also good, especially when they come from an American band.

The KNIGHTS OF THE ABYSS promo sheet writes that this album is made out of totally new members aside from founder and guitar player Nick Florence, yet they seem to play like they know each other and that means that they either spent a hell of a long time in rehearsals or they are good musicians and everyone knows his part; also that "The Culling Of Wolves" is a communal piece of work.

As they are a new, new band I hope I will have the chance to listen to some more from this band in the future. The end result is not weak but it's also nothing really new, solid music play the necessary yelling in the vocals, and that is all. Actually I should be happy that they managed to play Death Metal in that way as young as they are and with all the wrong influences around them.

Give them a chance if you are out of good Death Metal band options, you will probably like them.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"The Culling Of Wolves" Track-listing:
  1. The House Of The Crimson Coin
  2. Pandemic
  3. Dead To Reform
  4. Slave Nation
  5. Cremation Of Care
  6. Flight Of Molech
  7. Counsil Of Wolves
  8. Swine OF The Holy Order
  9. Den Of The Deceived
  10. The Culling
Knights Of The Abyss Lineup:

Harley Magnum - Vocals
Brian McNulty - Guitar
Nick Florence - Guitar
Griffin Kolinski - Bass
Ben Harclerode - Drums

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