Black Snow


KLOGR (pronounced Kay - log - are) are an Italian Alternative Metal band formed in […]
By Darren "Dread" Bissette
March 24, 2014
Klogr - Black Snow album cover

KLOGR (pronounced Kay - log - are) are an Italian Alternative Metal band formed in 2011 by front man Gabriele Rustichelli. The band's name is a reference to a renowned psychophysical law by Weber and Fechner which was developed in the 19th century after studies related to changes in human perception according to different types of stimuli.

"Black Snow" is the bands second full length release and the follow up to the 2011 album "Till you Decay". The purpose behind the title is to hopefully gain awareness to some major global issues as a kind of statement or stance against the destructive nature of the human race. "What was meant to be Evolution is revealing itself to be environmental and intellectual pollution heading for self-destruction" explains front man Gabriele Rustichelli and who could argue with him? His lyrics will take us into a Broken World, urging us to react promptly by awakening our inner social and global conscience.

So on to the album which begins with the blistering but melodic "Zero Tolerance" coming at you with a relentless battering riff and beat, coated with melodic catchy vocal intensity. The combination of a hard beats, memorable lyrics and a cock sure delivery is a solid start to this eye opening collection of songs. The bitter sweet "Refuge" is up next which is cleverly composed allowing you the listener to hear exactly what this band is about. Their mixture of hard riffs with melodic choruses that ring into unforgettable anthems, urge you to rock your head and sing along. This is KLOGR doing what they do best and for me is their best song to date. The moody and dark "Draw Closer" allows the pace to drop without the sharpness of their attack being blunted in any shape or form the vocal anger is very effective bringing a definite sense of urgency lyrically which is presented at a steady but somewhat slower pace instrumentally.

The band have definitely thought about the order of the songs for this latest release, the way the tracks fall into each other is flawless. It's almost like they know what your listening ears need to hear next. "Hell of Income" is definitely in contention for being one of the most radio friendly and commercially acceptable song here, it's catchy and memorable prowess is bound for success. Gothic and haunting "Life is Real" kicks in hard at a steady pace, the vocals here are brutal and meaningful and you feel the passion from the off. The heavy riffs and thumping drums carry this song through allowing the vocals to remind you that our fragile existence is to be nurtured and that this thing we called life is no rehearsal. Somber and with much despair "Heart Breathing" is certain to be a hit commercially and has single written all over it. A great song for those who have never stumbled upon KLOGR before now, for those who already know the band then this song is another anthem for you to raise your fist at and sing along too, although it might not be your favorite track on this very impressive release.

"Falling Crowns" picks up the pace and forces the harder side of Metal back into the fold, a very solid head rocking foot tapping song that is customary to this particular band to please their equilibrated minions whom faithfully follow. The mighty will fall when our sick world is finally broken beyond repair, so this is a warning to all the power hungry capitalists out there, beware, KLOGR have got your number and your card is well and truly marked. The twisted and almost sick sound of "Guilty and Proud" challenges our planetary ignorance by waking us up with the smell of some strong sobering coffee, and let's face it most of us have woken up with that confused anxious guilt, thinking, "what the hell did I do last night?" This is definitely a song that will be a highlight in their live shows, listening to it perks you up and gives you that "I can't wait to see these guys live" feeling, another definite crowd pleasing tune for the KLOGR faithful. Swiftly moving on to the pounding of "Plunder" with an unrelenting powered machine like pace that drops on the middle 8th allowing crescendos of Metal delight and areas of space which give you a chance to catch your breathe. Cleverly arranged and carrying out all the signatures that we have now become accustomed to with this powerful and determined self-conscious outfit.

Scratching you will claws of steel "Room to Doubt" delivers angst mixed with despair, congealed in a substance or matter that has serious intent. I have no doubt that this album is going to delight many new listeners as well as the already KLOGR faithful. The lead guitar work is sublime, the rhythmic riffs are banging and as ever the vocals are tuneful, catchy and undoubtedly memorable. "Severed Life" is filled with dark adrenaline, moody and gothic this song will haunt you and leave the bitter taste of death in your mouth. The Reaper is on the prowl and you can feel his cold hellish breathe on the back of your neck. The last track on this excellent moment in time is "Ambergris" delivering us directly to the afterthought, by now you might be questioning your own impact on this beautiful planet we all share and call home. The realization and feeling of hopelessness is now upon us and you'd have to be either dead or in a coma to ignore the bands message. The sound of the ocean and wailing Whales leaves a very woeful and guilt smothered after taste.

KLOGR have delivered a thought provoking body of works that have been cast and influenced from the ash ridden, suffocating polluted planet we call Earth. Black Snow questions the "ignorance is bliss" concept which has been well and truly challenged here. The band, have gone out on a limb to scream at us with their message, the question is, will their message fall on deaf ears? For me definitely not, as aware as I already am of the global tragedies that take place daily by the hands of human kind, I for one will question my own conduct even further from now on. This message is well received and understood.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect

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"Black Snow" Track-listing:

1. Zero Tolerance
2. Refuge
3. Draw Closer
4. Hell of Income
5. Life is Real
6. Heart Breathing
7. Falling Crowns
8. Guilty and Proud
9. Plunder
10. Room to Doubt
11. Severed Life
12. Ambergris

Klogr Lineup:

Gabriele 'Rusty' Rustichelli - Vocals, Guitars
Eugenio - Guitars, Vocals
Giampi - Guitars
Joba - Bass
Ste - Drums

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