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Kiss The Vyper

Since their formation in 2014, KISS THE VYPER have gone on to achieve some amazing […]
By Issy Herring
June 28, 2022
Kiss The Vyper - Hope You Like It album cover

Since their formation in 2014, KISS THE VYPER have gone on to achieve some amazing things. The hard rock four piece released their debut studio album "Keep the Fire Burning" in 2016, before coming out with two brand new singles "Palace of Pleasure" and "Hope You Like It" in 2022. Consequently, their second album named "Hope You Like It" was released on June 24th, 2022, via Metalapolis Records. The first track on the release is the self-titled track "Hope You Like It". It begins with some classic rock style riffs, which are sure to get fans grooving! After a few moments, Bobby Miller's powerful vocals kick in, grabbing your attention. The chorus is pretty catchy and memorable; however, this song isn't really my thing overall.

The beginning of "Back to Hollywood" has a bit of a DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT vibe, with the spoken word style introduction as heard in tracks such as "March of the Poozers". However, I must admit that is probably the best part of the track as the song just gets more and more stale as time goes on. Saying this, "Won't Break Your Heart" is on a completely different wavelength. From the first note, I was intrigued. Bobby Miller's vocals sound a bit more theatrical in this song, giving even more of a DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT vibe to the release. This is one of the better tracks on this album so far. "Give Me the Night" starts off on a slower note, with some whistles giving the introduction some spice! Unfortunately, the song ends up being a little lack luster as it evolves. "Kiss from an Angel" begins with another hard rock guitar riff leading the way.

Even though you can tell that the passion is there, this track is just like the previous, sadly. "Make Love Like Strangers" is a typical hard rock track, which is most certainly relatable in many ways, whereas "Somewhere in Time" is a flashback to 80's glam rock. "Palace in Pleasure" seems like a very stereotypical song for KISS THE VYPER, which isn't necessarily a negative thing. Just like its predecessors, the track really doesn't have much going for it and just seems to drag on for way too long. "Sweet Sticky Sex" has a real STEEL PANTHER feel about it, as the song just seems very light-hearted and fun. It is definitely one of the catchiest songs on the release. I feel like this is the style they should carry on with, as it seems to come so naturally to them. "When Worlds Collide" goes back to the classic rock style, and with that comes a lack of memorability yet again. The final song on "Hope You Like It" is "Don't Leave Me Lonely", which is another track in the same vein. This is more of a ballad inspired rock song though, which makes a change.

It has got to be said though that this song was a bit of a snooze fest throughout, therefore not boding well for the closing of the album. I feel like KISS THE VYPER could have picked a livelier track to end things on! Overall, KISS THE VYPER's "Hope You Like It" is mediocre, to say the least. It has no real lasting power in my eyes and the band could do so much better than this. I just feel like a lot of the songs on this release seem really outdated for their time and could be modernized in one way or another. Considering KISS THE VYPER formed in 2014, I was expecting bigger and better things than this, unfortunately.

3 / 10









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"Hope You Like It" Track-listing:

1. Hope You Like It
2. Back to Hollywood
3. Won't Break Your Heart Again
4. Give Me the Night
5. Kiss from an Angel
6. Make Love Like Strangers
7.  Somewhere in Time
8. Palace of Pleasure
9. Sweet Sticky Sex
10. When Worlds Collide
11. Don't Leave Me Lonely

Kiss The Vyper Lineup:

Bobby Miller - Vocals/ Guitars/ Keys
Deb Star - Backing Vocals
Rob Bodger - Backing Vocals/ Bass
Corrie Antipatico - Drums

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