From The Moon To The Sun

Kip Winger

You should know, by now, you should not expect something similar to the first two […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 20, 2008
Kip Winger - From The Moon To The Sun album cover

You should know, by now, you should not expect something similar to the first two WINGER albums from Kip, right? The man's music - starting briefly from WINGER's Pull release in 1993 to be developed in his 90s solo career, then to be confirmed during  2006's IV full-band comeback - has long gone forgotten the 'hair Metal' stings of Seventeen and Can't Get Enough, aiming to  a more inner/artistic blend that will definitely find limited 'rich ground' in the hands/ears of 'normal' hardrockers. C' est la vie...
Still, for whoever's familiar enough with his solo CDs, it should be a natural follow-up to listen to something like the From The Moon To The Sun release. The new thing is that Kip's cooperation with Turkish songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Cenk Eroglu carries on in the present album, something you'd anyway define in prior just by listening to the oriental parts in songs like Every Story Told. Apart from Cenk, an all-star team lends a helping hand, including WINGER mate Rod Morgenstein, DANGER DANGER axeman Andy Timmons, GIANT/ROBERT TEPPER/NIGHT RANGER/STARSHIP etc keyboardist Alan Pasqua and FIFTH ANGEL/TKO/ALICE COOPER/HOUSE OF LORDS extraordinary skinsman Ken Mary.
For the guidelines of a Hard 'n' Heavy mag, little things are to be mentioned, still pointing out the whole scope of Kip (as assumed, at least). First of all, there's no 'boundaries' word fitting in the album. A 'chill out' CD you may call it, a 'personal Rock' procedure you may find lurking in; still, and overall, with tons of acoustic guitars, pianos and melodic mood vocals from Kip, there's no better place to listen to the CD other than in your house looking outside (good view is required) on a rainy day, or some abandoned beach in foggy weather. Kip has surely put - again - all his inner self into the making; you'll have no questions concerning his 'good ol' wine' singing. Feelings co-exchange, from the sun's warmth/hope to the moon's feel/tranquility. Hence the title, I guess.
I - many years ago - wondered how 'hair Metal' stars' houses looked like. Now, in contrast, I can have a brief picture on Kip's place. If the man's succeeded in tugging your heartstrings with his previous solo efforts, then this album's definitely worth the notice.

"From The Moon To The Sun" Track-listing:

Every Story Told
Where Will You Go
Pages and Pages
In Your Eyes Another Life
What We Are
One Big Game
Reason To Believe
Monster (European Bonus Track)

Kip Winger Lineup:

Kip Winger - Vocals, Bass, Piano, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synth
Cenk Eroglu - Guitars, Keyboards, Effects
Andy Timmons - Guitars
Alan Pasqua - Piano
Noble Kime - Piano
Ken Mary - Drums
Rod Morgenstein - Drums
David Davidson - Violin
Cello - John Catchings

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