Kingdom Of Sorrow

Kingdom Of Sorrow

It is not the first time that two well-known musicians are joining forces to create […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
April 22, 2008
Kingdom Of Sorrow - Kingdom Of Sorrow album cover

It is not the first time that two well-known musicians are joining forces to create a project. Sometimes the result is superb, some others average and others is disappointing to everyone. So, let's see what this project has to offer...
KINGDOM OF SORROW is the project of Jamey Jasta (HATEBREED) and Kirk Windstein (DOWN). Who, personally, I couldn't imagine putting in the same studio one the most well-known hardcore frontmen and one of sludge Metal's most renowned pioneers. But those two old friends dared to record this album. This friendship started almost a decade ago, when Jasta introduced himself to Kirk.The self-titled album, Kingdom Of Sorrow, was recorded at Planet Z studios with producer Zeuss B (HATEBREED, SHADOWS FALL).

The album is not bad. Not something innovative, if you know CROWBAR you'll know how this album sounds like. Music is exactly what a fan of sludge-core would expect. The riffing is slow and sloughing and the bass lines are groovy. That doesn't mean the album doesn't have brutal breakdowns and up-tempo sections (in some parts the music brings in mind even LAMB OF GOD). As for Jamey's vocals, those are just like the ones we know. He doesn't experiment with his voice (with the exception of Screaming Into The Sky). The two friends manage to compose music that brings out both Hardcore in songs like Buried In Black and more sludge-ie ones. Just listen to Grieve A Lifetime's and Piece It All Back Together's guitars.

Kingdom Of Sorrow is not a bad album at all. It has nice riffing, Kirk sounds in good form and the usual ripping vocals from Jamey are here. This is a nice riff-full album that is welcomed for most of us. As for the fans of the two bands that the two musicians are playing and anyone that likes CROWBAR, I'm sure that they have already bought this album.
KINGDOM OF SORROW - Lead Into Demise

7 / 10


"Kingdom Of Sorrow" Track-listing:

Hear This Prayer For Her
Grieve A Lifetime
Piece It All Back Together
Led Into Demise
Demon Eyes (Demonized)
With Unspoken Words
Free The Fallen
Screaming Into The Sky
Lead The Ghosts Astray
Begging For The Truth
Buried In Black

Kingdom Of Sorrow Lineup:

Kirk Windstein - Guiters, Vocals
Jamey Jasta - Vocals

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