Bite Your Head Off

King Parrot

Shit Parrot. That's what this is. A Shit Parrot. A parrot that can only verbalize […]
By Eric "Carnegie" Hall
July 22, 2013
King Parrot - Bite Your Head Off album cover

Shit Parrot. That's what this is. A Shit Parrot. A parrot that can only verbalize the sounds of a shit being taken. This vocalist is easily in the top ten for most terrible sounding persons. Or he may have strep throat. In either case, I don't like his style. Some will, and that's fine, but I'd prefer to listen to a thousand lions dying of impalement or a wailing infant through a fucking megaphone than this guy.

Beyond that, there is pretty much as little as you can get. Ultra-fast Punky Thrash riffs and songs barely two minutes long - possibly two minutes too long. No leadwork, no bass soloing, no nothing. Just some scratchy dickhead shrieking into a mic over a pedal riff.

No music needs to be as complex and as intricate as Mozart to be good, it just needs a basic quality it does well. Have a good melody, catchy lines or motifs, great leadwork. Something. Anything.

SHIT PARR - I mean KING PARROT has none of that. Do yourself a favour, if you happen upon this album amidst the aisles at your local purveyor of musical goods, and are considering it as a purchase, don't. You can get the same experience from shouting at the top of your lungs while scratching a fork across a ceramic plate really fast.

3 / 10


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"Bite Your Head Off" Track-listing:

1. Bozo
2. No Coincidence
3. Shit On the Liver
4. Bite Your Head Off
5. Dead End
6. Blaze in the Northern Suburbs
7. Lizard
8. Silly Ol' Mate
9. Sun in the Sea
10. Cold Steel Probe
11. Sandy

King Parrot Lineup:

Squiz - Guitar
Slatts Slattz - Bass
Mr. White - Guitar
Youngy - Drums

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