Weightless Waters

King of None

An interesting proposal from Finland. KING OF NONE was formed back in 2013 by the […]
By Marco Angileri
July 27, 2019
King of None - Weightless Waters album cover

An interesting proposal from Finland. KING OF NONE was formed back in 2013 by the current members and since then has released two EPs, plus the current one, called "Weightless Waters". At the very beginning, after a couple of distracted listening, I was not at ease with this release, not liking the voice of Miiro Kärki, which I found too rough and too generic. Afterwards instead I turned my mind: after a more attentive listening, I started to appreciate the hypnotic and psychedelic riffs and the obsessive and complex drumming, together with some classic stoner and thrash elements in the songs, as well as some progressive elements. And of course, the voice, able to adapt to the music.

A slow bass riff is introducing us to "Words of Mine" (which is also the first single from the EP), in my opinion the best track on the album, with a heavy stoner guitar riff at the very beginning, a complex drum pattern and some progressive element, as well as a brilliant solo and a very good voice performance. "Worlds Collide" has great acceleration in it, and merges together psychotic guitars together with some vocals that vaguely reminds me of Chuck Billy of Testament. The Doomy "Frog Palace" is a heavy and Doomy slow tempo, with an interesting drumming and with some clean vocals interspersed with some quasi-growl vocals. Not my favorite song, but the complex drumming and the alternation in the voice use is making this song decent.

Still in deep doom territories with the following "Desolator", which maintains the promises of the title, makes you really feel the desolation and despair in it; remarkable the intermezzo with the guitar solo, really gives an added value to this song. "Starbirling" and "Yellow Snake King", which is featured in the Spotify playlist Metallia Suomesta (Metal from Finland), close the album without disgrace and without praise, even if the opening riff in "Starbirling" is a real kickass, but the vocals turn out to be too flat, missing some power.

Final words on this EP: the solid sound proposed by the Finnish band is an interesting mix of many genres, Doom, Progressive, Thrash, Stoner and Psychedelic Rock, enhanced with some personal touch. The first half really stands out, whereas there is, in my opinion, a significant power outage in the second half. I firmly believe that if KING OF NONE will be able to keep the level they have shown especially in "Words of Mine", we will hear from them soon. Nevertheless, the rocky sound of "Weightless Waters" is well worth a listening.

6 / 10

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"Weightless Waters" Track-listing:

1. Words of Mine
2. Worlds Collide
3. Frog palace
4. Desolator
5. Starbirling
6. Yellow Snake King

King of None Lineup:

Miiro Kärki - Lead Vocals
Patrick Enckell - Drums
Aleksi Kärkkäinen - Guitar
Juha Pääkkö - Guitar
Juho Aarnio - Bass, Vocals

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