Mammoth Mountain

King Mammoth

KING MAMMOTH is a Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal band based out of Denmark. They describe their sound […]
King Mammoth - Mammoth Mountain album cover

KING MAMMOTH is a Sludge/Stoner/Doom Metal band based out of Denmark. They describe their sound as "Mammothcore." This is the band's debut album, and contains three tracks.

"Mammoth Stampede" is over eleven minutes in length. A slow and steady bass riff covers the first 2:40 into the track. From there, a partially distorted and super-drop-tuned riff leads to subdued vocals that are at times moans and at other times anguished screams. The drop tuning is slow low it seems the rattle of the bass note might actually dislodge the string from the bridge. Impossibly slow, the sounds like two lumbering giants making their way to a head on battle. I would have to say the genre description here is very accurate. "As the Mastodon Tramples" is twelve minutes in length. The ominous animal growls at the beginning sound like they have to be coming from something very large. The feedback passages add to the build-up as well. Moving forward with drums, there is a marching quality to the song as the beast covers ground nearing his prey. The vocals are really more wails than singing per se. You can pretty easily be swept up in the rhythm without even trying.

"Last March of the Ancients" is the closing track. It's an instrumental nearly reaching the fifteen minute mark. The opening bass notes are high and done with a severe amount of vibrato. It really takes a while into this track for it to develop semblance of order. The acoustic guitar parts tend to make this more Doomy and there is grave haste hidden in the message, disguised by the lethargically moving riff. Shortly after the nine minute mark the track shifts unexpectedly to a secondary sound of sorts and picks up the pace a bit. I believe it is here that you can best describe the regal quality they are trying to impart from the song title. At the end you can hear the ancient beasts being killed by powerful gun shots. Overall I have to say that this is pretty unique music that goes about as deep as one could go into this genre. It makes early Black Sabbath seem like radio music. It's not going to lift you off of your seat but if you maintain the tracks through in one focused setting you can appreciate the style.6/10

6 / 10

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"Mammoth Mountain" Track-listing:

1. Mammoth Stampede
2. As the Mastodon Tramples
3. Last March of the Ancients

King Mammoth Lineup:

Jesper Nordskjold - Bass, Vocals
Jacob Thomsen - Drums, Vocals
Rasmus Lykke - Guitars, Vocals
Sandi Julardzija - Guitars

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