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Nothing gets old as long as it is vibrant and consistent with its fervour to […]
July 8, 2013
King Kobra - II album cover

Nothing gets old as long as it is vibrant and consistent with its fervour to head on strong and being relentless. When the Cobra snake bites, its venom spreads and fast until the whole body is his for the taking. When the KING KOBRA bites you, no matter when and how, it will take over instantly with its carbonated Rock N' Roll, singing the Blues, blowing the fuse and sniggering the muse. As it would seem, it will live forever as dominant. But the question is, will it survive the test of time? Will its Hard Rock be endlessly passionate and soulful? Can't tell you that, because it depends on its five veteran operators, yes, the KING KOBRA crew.

The old baby still has it in to shake down the system, aggrandise with various types of Rock from different eras, keen to become Metal. Carmine Appice, Johnny Rod, David Michael-Philips, Mick Sweda along with the new guy, which is not so new to the scene of Hard Rock, the Bluesy raspy hissing snake Paul Shortino, continue their comeback that began two years ago and once again through Frontiers Records release another album, naming it "II".

The band stated in several interviews that recruitment of Paul Shortino, which has been widely known for fronting ROUGH CUTT, QUIET RIOT and his own SHORTINO, made their music way more emotional, sensual with hefty bites of soul. In comparison to Mark Free (Nowadays Marcie Free) that was a straightforward Rocker with an amazing voice but with less depth, Shortino hailed with a hoarse and soaring voice pattern between Joe Cocker, Bryan Adams and David Coverdale. Following KING KOBRA's latest material, no doubt that his positioning was a wise choice and one of "II"'s leading accomplishments.

On the whole, other than Shortino's vast contribution, "II" is out there, everywhere, in the midst of Rock music, sometimes even walking the plank towards 80s Metal boundaries and doing good at it. You might check out the two fast eye turners, "Hell On Wheels" and "Knock 'Em Dead", true heavy American piercing troublemakers, on the loose and out for prowl. Nonetheless, KING KOBRA contracted their venom down my system with cut throat Rockers and Bluesy mooders as: "Running Wild", crispy classic 80s Hard Rock tune, catchy and smooth or "Don't Keep Me Waiting", kept me looking for ACCEPT riffery for some reason, a rudimentary 80s gem, easy going and urbane with a fine chorus. "When The Hammer Comes Down", a bit Southern directed, a tad Boogie, slow paced cruncher with a fine main riff that is so scrumptious. Going well so far ain't it? However, there was a reason why I just could rate this one higher.

The tracklist shares several other Boogie joined with Blues Rock and a few potentially crafty compositions. I had a few issues with these tracks for being weary and tiring, possible nothing else but fillers. I can't really admit that those, like "Have A Good Time" or the corny "Take Me Back", aren't my cup of tea, because they certainly are, yet it was hard to take pleasure from them, nothing too special or overwhelming. KING KOBRA have always been a straight up act without bullshiting on the side. Same with "II", but it as it would appear it was either hit or miss, love or hate.

7 / 10


"II" Track-listing:

1. Hell On Wheels
2. Knock 'Em Dead
3. Have A Good Time
4. The Ballad Of Johnny Rod
5. Take Me Back
6. When The Hammer Comes Down
7. Running Wild
8. The Crunch
9. Got It Comin'
10. Deep River
11. Don't Keep Me Waiting
12. We Go Round

King Kobra Lineup:

Paul Shortino - Vocals
David Michael-Philips - Guitar
Mick Sweda - Guitar
Johnny Rod - Bass
Carmine Appice - Drums

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