One more Thrash Metal release that is pretty similar to the HORRORSCOPE review I wrote […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 1, 2007
Killjoy - Enemigo album cover

One more Thrash Metal release that is pretty similar to the HORRORSCOPE review I wrote some days ago. KILLJOY have a contract with the German Shark Records and they are also from Poland. HORRORSCOPE was a really nice album and I hope KILLJOY will also be a pleasant surprise for my ears.

As I said above, KILLJOY are from Poland and they were formed in 1998. As you can see on the line up, there are two guest appearances. The first is from Titus (ACID DRINKERS), who sings on the track Enemigo, and the second from Sylwia Papieska (THE NO-MADS), who sings on Bedlam Party. After a demo in 2002 and an EP in 2004, KILLJOY managed to sign a contract with Shark Records and release their debut album Enemigo.

Enemigo is a Thrash Metal album enriched with some heavier elements. While listening to the album, it brought in my mind bands like OVERKILL, TESTAMENT as well as some US Power stuff like METAL CHURCH. The tempo varies from relentless outbreaks to slow and heavy. The singer's voice is really nice while he can scream like a real thrasher and also sing in a very melodic way. I can say that I am really impressed by his voice! The rhythm section is solid as a rock and the guitars are cutting like a blade! I can say that Enemigo is a more than just decent Heavy/Thrash debut album! The production is pretty good, something that raises the quality of the overall work. This album has the speed, the heaviness, the melody and the groove. Very nice combination and a good result if you think that this is just the beginning for KILLJOY.

Now that I realized what these guys are all about and I understood that this band has nothing to do with Killjoy from NECROPHAGIA, I can say that as a Thrash Metal die-hard fan, I am pleased with the overall result. Nothing groundbreaking or amazing, just good Heavy/Thrash Metal willing to stay for some time in my CD player. I am looking forward to this band's next step.

The album also contains a video clip for the track Enemigo. Hmmm, not one of the best video clips I have seen in my life for sure!

7 / 10


"Enemigo" Track-listing:

Snake Whisperer
Change Me
Silent Confession
Mystify My Soul
Forget My Name
Bedlam Party
Mercy's Crime

Killjoy Lineup:

Wojciech Bujoczek - Vocals
Adam Rogowicz - Guitar
Marek Ludwicki - Guitar
Wojciech Gajda - Bass
Marcin Bruner - Drums
Guest Musicians:
Titus - Vocals
Sylwia Papieska - Vocals

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