Burn For Love

Killer Kings

Killer Kings album title track intro starts with something a little more interesting than stuff […]
By Brynn K. StarDew
January 12, 2023
Killer Kings - Burn For Love album cover

Killer Kings album title track intro starts with something a little more interesting than stuff I heard from then songs like "Higher". Other bands in this genre include bands like White Snake, Night Ranger, and Dragon Force. Unfortunately this is not a compliment. I can see how this would catch on, but chances are if you like this you're either somebody with terrible taste in music or maybe their girlfriend really likes it? Good workout music? Track number two "I will be stronger" is definitely good music for any type of montage your going to have. Not my top pick, but I might tune in when nothing else is left on. Chuckle, turn the radio off and walk away. I have to give them Kuddos however for letting me know what an over-active fridge and toaster going off at the same time with somebody screaming in the background sounds like. I'm not quite sure this is what R.E.O  Speedwagon had in mind.

The next track on the album "In a DIfferent World" has a cheesy synth sound in the background. There is something to be said in the fact that you can understand the vocals. The guitar at 2:40 was great! And 3:00 too! (Actually more like satisfactory). Track Five "Another Night, ANother Fight" I'm pretty sure this is actually the best song on the album since I can kind of relate to fighting another night with a woman. 3:13 comes the fun, with some really solid metal guitarwork. Lyrics are pretty good definitely breathtaking. Songs like track number six "Phoenix" remind me a lot of Journey but I would rather listen to Journey. Track number seven on the album "Two Ships" was pretty good actually. I can definitely relate to the aquatic theme they are trying to portray in the intro of this song making it one of the better tracks on the album. Part of me really wonders is this about songwriter Tristan Avakian and Vocalist Gregory Lynn Hall? "Your Losing me" on the other hand was not my cup of tea...

Moving forward to track Nine "Do or Die", well I'm not quite sure what to say, but this is actually a very beautiful love ballad which anybody in Suburban Junior High School will really relate to since references to your as cold as ice are reminiscent of bands like foreigner. Very middle school romance drama vibes. "The Pains of Yesterday" this song sounds kind of like Billy Idol who I am not a big fan of, but I am sure I would be more interested if I had lived in the 1980's...ultimately music like this continues to really disappoint me when it comes to memorability because of a lack of originality."Ain't No End in Sight" has a really interesting rock almost gospel sound to it, I was relieved when it was surprisingly a normal length at around three minutes.

8 / 10









"Burn For Love" Track-listing:

1. Burn For Love
2. I will be Stronger
3. Higher
4. In a Different World
5. Another Night, Another Fight
6. Phoenix
7. Two Ships
8. Losing me
9. Do or Die
10. The Pains of Yesterday
11. Ain't No End in Sight

Killer Kings Lineup:

Gregory Lynn Hall - Guitar, Vocals
Tristan Avakian - Songwriter, Producer

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