Rock Another Day

Killer Bee

90's Hard Rock 5-piece KILLER BEE have returned with their newest full-length album on Mighty […]
By Aaron "Five Magics" Price
April 12, 2015
Killer Bee - Rock Another Day album cover

90's Hard Rock 5-piece KILLER BEE have returned with their newest full-length album on Mighty Music. The new album "Rock Another Day" does not wait until another day to... Well... Rock, rocking in and out of each song with some pretty interesting tunes, instrumentally and vocally. Although this album is much different from the music I've been listening to recently like Black Metal masters WATAIN and MARDUK, its definitely a fun listen.

KILLER BEE gives me an AC/DC sort of groove when I listen to their music. Nothing is overly complicated, nothing aims to be over the top, and vocals are for front followed by the guitars, drumming is there more to keep a pace then to go as fast as possible and its good fun Rock N' Roll. The first song I really heard the old AC/DC Rock feel with KILLER BEE was "Ride On," the song as a classic fast paced guitar into much like "Let There Be Rock" and the vocals are probably the most destructive and in your face in this song. The chorus doesn't really follow the same idea with the style of how the vocals are presented, but the rest of the song has a very "Let There Be Rock" feel from the storming guitars, in your face vocals telling you how it is and the drums just doing what they do.

The introduction track into the album, "Children Of The Evolution," also caught me off guard, starting with a track of someone talking about evolution before kicking into the instrumentals, not only did the intro bit remind me completely of LED ZEPPELIN but this song sounds like a perfect show opener. Just an idea.

All in all, KILLER BEE have an interesting Rock release, the album seems a little Radio oriented but this is a band that doesn't really seem to fear taking radio Rock in their own hands instead of following what everyone else is doing. Check it out if you like bands like AC/DC and pretty much any other older rock band on the radio.<

6 / 10

Had Potential

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"Rock Another Day" Track-listing:

1. Children Of The Evolution
2. From Hell And Back
3. Step Into My World
4. Scream It
5. All Night Long
6. Ride On
7. I Believe
8. A Little Too Old
9. Heat Of The Night
10. All The Things You Say
11. I'm On Fire
12. Love It Or Leave It
13. Drive Me Crazy
14. If We Die Tomorrow

Killer Bee Lineup:

Brian Bee Frank - Vocals
Jimmy DeLisi - Guitars
Anders "LA" Rönnblom - Bass, Vocals
Morgan Evans - Drums
Denny DeMarchi - Keyboard, Vocals

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