Kill Or Cure

Kill Or Cure

Rise up fans of DISTURBED, HALESTORM, DEVICE, NICKELBACK, and the latest ADRENALINE MOB, because from […]
By Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco
February 8, 2014
Kill Or Cure - Kill Or Cure album cover

Rise up fans of DISTURBED, HALESTORM, DEVICE, NICKELBACK, and the latest ADRENALINE MOB, because from Paris to Berlin people will be screaming out the name of England's own KILL OR CURE. I do not know a great deal about this self-release or the band at hand, but I do find the name to be rather clever and memorable. As far as an independent effort, this holds some merit. Clearly, Chris Brookes is an accomplished musician, and his solos are quite piquant, punishing, and personal. I do not appreciate how much he emulates David Draiman, but otherwise his vocals style definitely fits the music quite well.

The vanity affair begins well with the quick change pace of "Season's End". This song musically is similar to newer BENEDICTUM, minus the female vocals, of course. However, the more commercial "From Paris To Berlin" actually commences with a feminine persuasion, and LADY GAGA like signs of emissions; a cantabile and configuration by who I assume to be bassist Elena. This peppy dance number will appeal to those who celebrate the likes of CREMATORY, later THEATRE OF TRAGEDY,  AMARANTHE, or WITHIN TEMPTATION. If the band gains more notoriety, this has potential to be unleashed as a single and made into a video. Then just like a blow to the head, "Bullet To The Brain" scars with its aggression and menacing thunder.

Then the album begins to lose momentum with "The Point Of No Return", clearly we are not in Kansas anymore! The pointless "Paradox" is on a collision course to nowhere. I do not want to sound too jaded, but the music just ages too fast, and when the breakdowns kick in, and the modern production takes over, I feign interest, and nothing more appeals to me.

"Nothing" gets the adrenaline pumping again similar to newer ANNIHILATOR, with some festive ripping riffs. No drummer is credited on the new endeavor, but there is some rapid fire, and shredding of the skins at least going on in the studio, session-wise taking place here. "Rise Up" continues this enthusiasm mimicking FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH. While "I'm Bleeding" is a reworking of Chris' older band JADED. I am amazed this band qualified for Metal- Archives, as the artists by whom they are most inspired did not make the final cut, and I suggest that after the amazing material FIVE FINGER demonstrated in 2013 they are serious candidates for consideration.

Overall, if you are fans of the aforementioned acts, then this is worth pursuing. I personally, can only handle this in small doses. However, when I do so, and a song appears on my iPod when it is on shuffle mode, I find myself rather enjoying most tracks.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Kill Or Cure" Track-listing:

1. Season's End
2. From Paris To Berlin
3. Bullet To the Brain
4. The Point Of No Return
5. Paradox
6. For You
7. Nothing
8. Rise Up
9. I'm Bleeding (Jaded Cover)

Kill Or Cure Lineup:

Chris Brookes - Vocals, Guitars
Dan Hepner - Guitars
Elena De Jesus - Bass & Vocals

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