Destructive Force

Kill Division

Coming across this review opportunity was a stroke of good luck on my part. There […]
By Jesse Reeves
October 10, 2013
Kill Division - Destructive Force album cover

Coming across this review opportunity was a stroke of good luck on my part. There I was minding my own business when all of a sudden my lead singer texts me and says the one and only Metal Temple are looking for a reviewer of up and coming Metal albums. Having already been involved in the writing of reviews, and the bassist in a Progressive Heavy Metal band this sounded like a pretty sweet deal. I write reviews from completely unbiased opinion and will give any style of music a chance no matter how odd or generic.

As a Metal appreciator and connoisseur I have high standards when it comes to judging metal with my own opinion. From the initial email the name KILL DIVISION did not strike me as anything amazingly unique or different from the standard bands that I have gigged with or listened to in the past. I was pleasantly surprised to hear the introductory track "Kill Division March" as not just your average run of the mill opening track. It was a great build up song and lead well into the next track.

"Mechanic Domination" is the first hard hitting track from this album and it delivers brutal tremolo picking, guttural intense vocals and classic Thrash drumming with some pretty insane blasting in there. Very fast, very technical and very awesome. The song switches to a slower groove for the bridge for a few bars then back into the main hook which appears to be acting as a chorus. I feel like it could have been a little more interesting if the drums had switched up in grooves but the Thrash style Slam and blasting remains.

I'm finding the album a little tough to get into because the drumming is very similar and fairly abrasive in the following track "Fear of Life". The song after this one is, "Made of Lies", and has more transition between verse, chorus, verse which eases up on the repetition of the drum beats.

"Destructive Force" is the best representation of this band so far for me. A really good song that mixes up Groove, Thrash and utter chaos. The chorus is catchy and I feel myself head banging along to fairly hard. Guitar solo works great in this song and adds a little diversity to this band. The guitars have been mixed well into the album and tone is huge, just a shame that the drums lack a little creativity. No disrespect to the player's skill, Roel Sanders can play very well he just needs to vary up his fills and grooves more often.

Not a lot can be said for the rest of the album. The riffs sound very similar and almost seem to be written from the same formula. Tremolo picking, guttural vocals and blast beat, double kick drumming appear to be the only thing this band know how to do. They do it well within their genre but to impress me it needs to be more diverse. There is only so long that one particular style remains sounding good. I was fine with it for the first four songs on the album but it just sounds bland and uncreative to me at this stage.

For a three piece band KILL DIVISION have done well to release a record mixed to this quality and be on a record label such as Metal Blade Records in such a short time. The album is a classic Thrash and Death Metal album that fans of the genre would enjoy. For me however, I could go down to my local pub gig and hear virtually the same thing I'm listening to on this album, it's nothing special and its definitely been done before. The riffs are good for a head-bang with a beer in hand and mates around rocking out to live tunes but they simply don't stick with me.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"Destructive Force" Track-listing:

1. Kill Division March
2. Mechanic Domination
3. Fear of Life
4. Locked Up Forever
5. Made of Lies
6. Destructive Force
7. Sadistic Oppresor
8. Distorted Reality
9. Generated Hate
10. Master Manipulator
11. Toxic World

Kill Division Lineup:

Richard Ebisch - Guitars/Vocals/Bass
Susan Gerl - Vocals/Guitar
Roel Sanders - Drums

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