Revolution Rise

Kill Devil Hill

Former PANTERA / DOWN bassist Rex Brown and legendary drummer ex-WWIII / AXIS Vinny Appice […]
By YngwieViking
November 12, 2013
Kill Devil Hill - Revolution Rise album cover

Former PANTERA / DOWN bassist Rex Brown and legendary drummer ex-WWIII / AXIS Vinny Appice from DIO / BLACK SABBATH's fame have been associated once again to record the second album of this supergroup called KILL DEVIL HILL, they both are very respected musicians with a broad career path, but the remaining members are also very talented and experienced as lead guitarist Mark Zavon, who had previously played with a lot of people from Blackie Lawless to Stephen Pearcy, but the real rising star is the lead vocalist Jason Bragg who is also the main songwriter.

The style displayed in "Revolution Rise" is quite a continuation of the first self-titled album published in 2012, now ready to blossom and grow further to another state, an odd mix between Southern groovy dirty Thrashed up Metal and some more 90's American Alternative, a good dose of Redneck headbangin' rooted Rock with a few Stoner like hints and some thick atmospheres borrowed to Doom and Sludge Metal. Three generation of Heavy Metal summarized by a three generation gang of Musicians. The heavy low end sound and the professional modern day production by Jeff Pilson is focused on the pounding riffs, enhanced by the fat guitar sound of Zavon with success, and equally on the versatile vocals provided by ex-PISSING RAZORS frontman, from grumpy vocalizations to a more classy, emotional and lyrical side, the whole spectrum of Bragg's superb voice capacities are used in the most captivating way.

Of course the BLACK SABBATH and DOWN influences are rather obvious and even, the late PANTERA comparison is accurate from time to time and it even displayed a lot of ALICE IN CHAINS dark flavors, frankly the many textures exposed through the whole disc are the main asset of it, but because of some exaggeratedly Grungy moments that are quite repulsive for me, which prevents me to appreciate fully the listening experience in its complete unity, strangely if a dig, this special blend of genre, the result of some titles, left me with a bitter taste and a mixed bag of emotions plus a lot of contradictions in my feelings, I will retract one point for this dosing error ("Why" & "Stained Glass Sadness"). My Favorites tracks are the opening cut "No Way Out" / "Crown Of Thorns" / "Stealing Days" or the impressive "Where Angels Dare To Roam" and mostly the track "Leave It All Behind" that reveal an enormous Melodic potential flowing better than ever before.

With this album titled "Revolution Rise" they have started to find the right chemistry, after an intensive touring schedule, their sounds appears to be more personal and the facts are here , and no offense to the skeptics of all kinds it's the spanking hour 'cause, sorry guys... KILL DEVIL HILL showed that it was just a real band and not another All Star project.

7 / 10


"Revolution Rise" Track-listing:

1. No Way Out
2. Crown of Thorns
3. Leave It All Behind
4. Why
5. Wake Up the Dead
6. Long Way from Home
7. Where Angels Dare to Roam
8. Stained Glass Sadness
9. Endless Static
10. Stealing Days
11. Life Goes On

Kill Devil Hill Lineup:

Vinny Appice - Drums
Jason Bragg  - Lead Vocals
Rex Brown - Bass
Mark Zavon - Lead Guitars

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