No Gravity

Kiko Loureiro

KIKO LOUREIRO's instrumental album  No Gravity  features composition of this famous ANGRA member having as […]
By Panagiotis Koutsompogeras
February 6, 2007
Kiko Loureiro - No Gravity album cover

KIKO LOUREIRO's instrumental album  No Gravity  features composition of this famous ANGRA member having as his main influences based in neoclassical and progressive style along with traditional Brazilian music. In this album he is mostly being by Mike Terrana of RAGE and  the result is quite interesting.
In  No Gravity , KIKO shows all of his versatility and musical knowledge combining elements of jazz, rock, heavy metal as well as Brazilian music. There are quite a lot of ANGRA parts and this makes this record quite appealable to all the fans of this aforementioned band. KIKO was born in Rio de Janeiro and was raised in Sao Paulo, so the Brazilian influences is something natural for him. If you find yourself digging into Latin based music this record is also for you.
All of the songs here were composed and arranged by KIKO LOUREIRO. Of course there are ton of harmonies, coupled by speed and technique as well strong melodies which bring feelings of happiness to their listener.
There are many instrumental ballads based on the acoustic guitar and this creates a special feeling in this album. I think that the listener who is not acquinted with the six string goddess might have problems in understanding the purpose of this album and will definitely feel a bit dizzy after a while. On the whole it is a fine work but I think that there is a way to make his songs kind of more interesting - for my taste.
This album was produced by Dennis Ward and KIKO LOUREIRO while it was recorded, engineered and mixed by Dennis Ward at House of Audio - Germany in April/May 2004.
Highlights of this album can be considered - amongst the other - the following ones:  Choro de Crianca ,  Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility ,  La Force de L/Ame ,  Enfermo  and  Endangered Species .

7 / 10


"No Gravity" Track-listing:

Endangered Species
No Gravity
La Force de L/Ame
Tapping Into My Dark Tranquility
Moment of Truth
Beautiful Language
In a Gentle Way
Feliz Desilusao
Choro de Crianca

Kiko Loureiro Lineup:

Kiko Loureiro  - all electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, piano, keyboards, percussion and programming.
Mike Terrana - Drums and percussion

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