The Revenge Of Rock

Kickin Valentina

KICKIN VALENTINA is a four-piece Metal band from Atlanta, GA, around three hundred miles Southwest […]
By Mike McMahan
February 13, 2021
Kickin Valentina - The Revenge Of Rock album cover

KICKIN VALENTINA is a four-piece Metal band from Atlanta, GA, around three hundred miles Southwest of my home base of Knoxville, TN. They have released two full length albums, and a couple Eps, since their formation in 2013. The self-titled debut EP was released on Atlanta's own indie label Highway 9 Records in October of 2013; and helped to fuel the fire for the band to sign with the Danish Hard Rock/Metal label Mighty Music/Target Group in August of 2015. They released the first full length album "Super Atomic" that year, to good reviews, and followed with 2017's "Imaginary Creatures" to more of the same. 2019 saw the EP "Chaos In Copenhagen", and now 2021 brings us the third full length album "The Revenge Of Rock".

The band has a sound that is very akin to some of the better Sleaze Rock artists working today, but in no way would I consider them a complete throwback group. While they share certain similarities, the music here is fresh and exciting. Frontman D.K. Revelle has a threatening rasp in his voice, and the guitar work and rhythm section act as a punctuation mark to his lyrics. While I have heard several bringing this kind of sound, most notably Austria's MADHOUSE and Sweden's CONFESS, it isn't something I expected of an American band right now, specifically an American band from the South.

"Freakshow" opens the album on a high note, with a sweet, filtered vocal effect over hard driving music. Guitarist Heber Pampillon has an excellent solo spot on this cut, and his riff work is solid throughout its entirety. The song is high energy; and it offers a great example of what is to come with the remainder of this release.

The band lifts their foot from the gas, be it ever so slightly, for the second track, "Somebody New". This song has more of a straightforward approach, although it is still heavy, and again features some great musical hooks and incredible lyrical imagery. Particularly of note for me was Berdine's percussion work. The mix sets him up perfectly, and his ability truly shines on this song.

Going forward, I found plenty to be happy about on this release. From the hard driving "Rat Race" and "War", to the humor of "Lookin' For Me" and "Heart Tattoo", this is truly a stellar album. The production values are also top-notch, and when you consider that Andy Reilly, who has worked with the likes of U.F.O. and Bruce Dickinson, at the helm, you really wouldn't expect any less. An incredible effort from these guys, all the way around.

10 / 10









"The Revenge Of Rock" Track-listing:

2.Somebody New
3.Rat Race
5.Lookin' For Me
7.Heart Tattoo
8.End Of The Road
9.The Revenge Of Rock

Kickin Valentina Lineup:

D.K. Revelle - Vocals
Heber Pampillon - Guitar
Chris Taylor - Bass
Jimmy Berdine - Drums

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