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After their successful return in 2023, after a break of over nine years with the […]
July 10, 2024

After their successful return in 2023, after a break of over nine years with the album “Now Or Never”, it is time for a KickHunter greatest hits compilation that offers songs from all albums. Especially because the old records are no longer available. But of course “Greatest Kicks” doesn’t just feature old songs in old sound guise. They had mixing console wizard Eike Freese remix six songs and remaster all the songs except those from the last album. Sound master Dennis Ward was responsible for remix number 7, the Rockestra version of “I Sing This Song Forever”. Inspired by the new Def Leppard album “Drastic Symphonies”, Stefan Aurel started this musical journey, the Rockestra Remix. For the orchestral arrangements, he was assisted by Masterplan keyboardist Axel Mackenrott and on the piano by the renowned German multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Pascal Kravetz (Peter Maffay, UDO Lindenburg, Carl Carlton ). For the new version of “Child Of Love” The Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Savatage singer Zak Stevens and also Helloween bassist Markus Großkopf were won over. Founded in 2000 by guitarist Stefan Aurel and drummer Karsten Kreppert, the Hamburg-based formation toured Europe in 2003 with Deep Purple and Lynyrd Skynyrd, and in 2013 Kickhunter accompanied US southern rock legend's Molly Hatchet on their tour.

Five studio albums to date the last one “Now Or Never” in 2023 KickHunter bring us a greatest hits compilation some tracks are remixed and remastered. I had heard of this band before but had never actually listened to them. ”Wild Emotions” the first track sets the tone for this album straight old fashioned classic hard rock with that southern rock influence too. There is some great guitar work throughout this album some great solos and riffs. ”Mine All Mine” ,”This Summer” keep the classic rock flowing both have nice tints of southern style melody and style. ”To Hell And Again” has a infectious bass groove at the beginning, a fast paced track with some great gospel vocal harmonies. ”Another Tear”, “Walls” and “Louder Faster” another three great tracks and examples of that classic rock sound ,while “Call My Name” a short track at just over two minutes has a Status Quo sound to it with a bluesy melody. ”King Of Life” is a more heavier melody ,a more slower paced track with a twist of blues. ”Motherlode” another fantastic track with a catchy guitar riff and catchy structure. ”Child Of Love” is a fantastic track ,a slight style change for me. the organ touches and that superb deep bassline blend in fantastically, reminds me a little bit of Billy Idol vocally that deep vocal with swagger. ”Feels Like Home” which is a ballad has that southern and country vibe with great gospel backing vocals which gives it soul. ”Madhouse” ,”Shame On Love”, ”Be My Lady” and “Smile, Smile, Smile” another four tracks that will have you tapping your feet away they all have that bluesy, southern classic rock sound delivered to perfection. ”I Sing This Song Forever” the last track the ballad of the album, has been given that orchestral treatment. It's epic, emotional, powerful, the musicality is sublime with powerful vocals backed by yet again those wonderful gospel harmonies.

Kick Hunter “Greatest Kicks” is a really great compilation of the bands past endeavours. I think they have a great unique sound ,capture that Us Southern Rock sound superbly which also has the right mixture of soul, blues and classic rock just as good as their predecessors .Definitely have to visit their back catalogue now. Fantastic stuff!

8 / 10









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"Greatest Kicks" Track-listing:

1.Wild Emotions

2.Mine All Mine

3.This Summer

4.To Hell And Back Again

5.Another Tear


7.Louder Faster

8.Call My Name

9.King Of Life

10.Mother Lode

11.Child Of Love

12.Feels Like Home


14.Shame On Love

15.Be My Lady

16.Smile Smile Smile

17.I Sing This Song Forever

KickHunter Lineup:

JC Wesenberg – Vocals

Rollie Feldman – Guitar

Stefan Aurel – Guitar

Gerd Lehmkuhl – Guitar

Tim Schwarz – Bass

Markus Grobkoph – Bass

Karsten Kreppert - Drums

Melanie Kirschke – Background Vocals

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