Portals To Oblivion


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: KHNVM; signed via Neckbreaker Records, […]
March 3, 2022
KHNVM - Portals To Oblivion album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: KHNVM; signed via Neckbreaker Records, hailing from the glory of Germany - performing Death Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "Portals To Oblivion" (released December 17th, 2021). Since formation in 2019; the trio in question have only 2 Full-length Albums in their discography so far entitled: "Foretold Monuments Of Flesh" (released March 29th, 2019) & this here 2nd album entitled: "Portals To Oblivion" of which I am introduced to. 7 tracks ranging at around 37:52; KHNVM arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Death Metal developments.

Opening up with this primitive ritual of satanic proportions; "Ethos Of The Otherly World" begins the record with this majestic acoustic, flute charmed hymn and a bong banging enchantment of mystical sublimity... until the bulldozing bludgeoning from the titular track belts eardrums a clobbering bombardment of savage reverb while thunderous barrages in brutal crunchiness distorts a grinding momentum of slaying rumbles which manifests with punchy jumpiness to boot. Consisting of Obliterator on guitars/vocals, the front man excels at a blistering array of trailblazing assaults in which rollick with rapidly swift nimbleness & raw substance. Organically strifing with sturdy thuds, where sonically seamless solos screech with monolithic remedy - while the vocals soar with raspy throatiness & deep, guttural grows among a bellowing aesthetic in grunty malice for good measure.

This symbolic yet pugnacious tone revels with extreme chugs and frolicking hostility, distilling a chiseling foundation in weighty tempos, strong tremolo pickings which pierces through you like a wavering swerve of pace ...while this stampeding calamity injects an infectiously venomous shroud of volatile stability from audible bassist Martyr. Thumpy flickers forge a borderline element in implementing chunky laceration mobility, especially in the more progressive overarch of technical oppression within "Heretic Ascension". The stomping piledrives from hammering drummer Cassian rambunctiously pounds the set with steely precision, while wildly smacking with rampantly rompy stability & sulfurous gnarliness. Gravitating like a whirlwinding slab of solid yet razor-sharp agility, as nothing short of NILE-esque imagination intensely immerses themselves here - fueled with their own signature style of rip-roaring mayhem & shredding blasphemy.

"Drink From The Chalice Of Suffering" is a groove-bomb banger, right off the baton - a snappy riff towers with gripping hooks and concretely gritty maelstrom tonality. The songwriting here is off the charts, a disorienting heft in heady SOULFLY-like conundrums form a spectral yet vicious surge which reminds me of their "Archangel" sound production a little bit. It's dirty, grimy and filthy - this one will probably get bars raging with storming metalheads wanting their fix in the alcohol-drenched sensation of that live tribulation we all enjoy. "Baptized By The Father Befouled" is another unique track where the versatile vehemence stems from Death-Doom territory, where striking pursuits want you to raze hell among all and descegrate souls with bone-crushing oblivion. There are a healthy dose of slower rhythms while remaining deathly, deadly and ominously jarring for good measure.

The penultimate "No Solace" unearths just that, spellbinding with the songwriting structure that's just salubriously snarly. This album is a demolishing but foreboding rampager that just poisons brains into a rotting shell of rugged droniness (of the good kind, of course!) It's that record that makes you want to forget about all issues in life and just break chairs over other chairs in no time... or just lavish at the sheer meatiness this monstrous yet sinister production provides. It's full of fierce firepower expertise, throttling richness & blustering wrath. What a brilliant way to start the working day off, right? Overall concluding "Portals To Oblivion" with the finishing epic "Spectral Chaos" this revolving guitar deviates from zigzag pandemonium while ruthless yet quintessential virtuosity demonstrates a distinctively distinguished symbiosis of perpetual havoc and profusely robust synergies that meticulously creates a dexterously dynamic complexity in boisterously bouncy relentlessness that's just most soothing.

Bottom line; KHNVM showcased this sense of dread and harrowing that's such an enjoyably entertaining discovery, an indelible listen that's worthy of spinning & replaying a good handful of times - Death Metal purists will relish with this one that's for sure. Do check it out, should you fancy a flexibly fundamental listen of rough Death Metal swampiness should you not want to care about the day's problems that lie ahead.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








"Portals To Oblivion" Track-listing:

1. Ethos Of The Otherly World
2. Portals To Oblivion
3. Heretic Ascension
4. Drink From The Chalice Of Suffering
5. Baptized By The Father Befouled
6. No Solace
7. Spectral Chaos

KHNVM Lineup:

Showmik Das a.k.a Obliterator - Guitars/Vocals
Martyr - Bass
Cassian - Drums

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