KEMEROV is a "Death and Roll" Metal band based out of Greece. This is the […]
Kemerov - Kemerov album cover

KEMEROV is a "Death and Roll" Metal band based out of Greece. This is the debut EP which was released in late 2015 and contains four tracks.

"Blind and Numb" begins with spoken word to the effect of "The further away I am from the human race, the better I feel." Their brand of Death Metal is fast and even musical at times. The vocals are not as deep and dark as you sometimes hear in the genre and there are even some harmonies in the chorus. The song is pretty linear too, following a structure instead of being all over the place. Though the main riff is pretty simple, the feeling it imparts is still effective. The progression of the chords connect nicely for me. There is even a key change after the mid-way mark which shows some additional skill in songwriting. "Back Patters" is even quicker, leading in with a furious drum intro and some lead guitar fills. Once again I think their sense of creativity in the genre shines well here. The main riff is both commanding and memorable. The shouted vocals sometimes remind me of the HARDCORE genre and I think if nothing else they have a hybrid sound of sorts.

"Possess" opens with what sounds like a preacher of sorts discussing a satanic force coming after a person's soul. The main sound is sludgy but bright due to the key, and they are able to successfully avoid too much of a low end sound here. For me this enables more of a musical listening experience because of the range of notes it allows. "Doomsday Cults" closes the EP. The key here is a bit lower and the main sound held more prominently throughout the song. Again I have more of a favor of this being in the realm of Sludge Metal over pure Death metal. This isn't to suggest that one is worse than the other, rather just an overall observation. The EP I found to my liking in general, and I would want to hear more from the band in the future.7/10

7 / 10









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"Kemerov" Track-listing:

1. Blind and Numb
2. Back Patters
3. Possess
4. Doomsday Cults

Kemerov Lineup:

Spiros Diamantidis - Bass
Tasos Diamantidis - Drums
Giorgos Tsapkinis - Guitars
Matt Karampalios - Vocals

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