Keen Eyed

Even though this band has been around a long time, going as far back as […]
By Nick Green
August 8, 2013
Keen Eyed - Reflection album cover

Even though this band has been around a long time, going as far back as 1985, it's only now that they're really starting to break ground. Originating from Italy and recorded a demo back in 2011, KEEN EYED are ready to bring their music forth unto the people.

Mainly playing Hard Rock / Metal, KEEN EYED take on that spirit of legends such as JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN, with bold and beautiful guitar licks all the way throughout the album. The album itself is topped with two parts, entitled "Dream". "She's The Devil" is the first real music from this album and with that it brings some real solid musicianship, tasty guitar licks and in-the-pocket drumming. The keys make themselves more pronounced towards the end of the song, just after the marching drum rhythm interlude. The album is like all the way through, save for the two real ballads of the album. "Labyrinth", the sixth track from the album, is perhaps my favourite - it has some real poignant key work in the background, with pinched guitar and a solid foot-to-the-floor drum rhythm.

This quite a good album considering it's their first real big release, and for that I really do recommend it as I think, in the near future, this band will be big. 

8 / 10


"Reflection" Track-listing:

1. Dream pt. 1
2. She's the Devil
3. The Age Of Reason
4. Fishing Dreams
5. (You Make Me Feel) I Belong To You
6. Labyrinth
7. Lovely Hell
8. Problems Behind
9. Scent Of Feeling
10. Hold Me Tonight
11. A Love Token In The Dark
12. Dream pt. 2

Keen Eyed Lineup:

Angelo Gervasi - Vocals
Ricky Scarantino - Keyboards
Fabio Paolino - Drums
Ricky Zarba - Guitars
Giorgio Gruden - Bass

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