Kydoimos (Κυδοιμος)


With “Kydoimos” (Κυδοιμος), KAWIR maintain their mantle as Greek Black Metal overlords.
June 24, 2024

KAWIR is a true Greek tradition—not quite on the same level as baklava and gyros, but close. For the uninitiated, KAWIR is a Black Metal outfit from Athens, Greece. They’ve been stalwarts in the Greek metal scene for over 30 years, retelling “Greek mythology, literature, and mysteries” through the power and language of Black Metal. On April 19, 2024, they released their ninth full-length album, “Kydoimos” (Κυδοιμος) via Soulseller Records.

The theme of the album, as one might suspect, is the figure of Kydoimos. The band explains: The name Kydoimos (Κυδοιμος) “derives from one of the Makhai (Μάχαι,) Ancient Greek daemons (personifications/spirits) of war. Kydoimos in particular refers to the personification of the cacophony and bedlam of battle. Typically, he is referred to as a son of Eris (Ερις, no to be confused with Ares (Αρης)), the goddess of strife, and he appears in many key ancient texts. Most importantly the Iliad, where he is said adorn Achillies' shield alongside his mother and a Ker (Κίρ.) He is also mentioned as adorning the shield of Heracles in Hesiod's work.”

The 53-minute album comprises 10 expansive tracks. As a caution: If you’re expecting these stories of war and conquest to be adorned with traditional Folk instruments, you’re going to be sorely disappointed. Apart from some choir and synth work, “Kydoimos” (Κυδοιμος) has all the lethal trappings of visceral Black Metal—melodic tremolo riffs, blast beats, demonic vocals. As an extra treat, all the lyrics are sung in Greek which for non-Greek speakers adds an air of mystique and for Greek speakers hopefully lends an air of authenticity.  

The album stays true to the theme of “the cacophony and bedlam of battle,” though it never gets pointlessly reckless. The interwoven melodies and high production values push it beyond the frenetic and more into the refined. Standout tracks are “Centauromachy” which put drummer Agisilaos through his paces, replicating the tempo you’d expect from an actual centaur battle; “Myrmidons” with its incredible lead solo; and “War is the Father of All” which is reminiscent of more traditional Heavy Metal and rings of epic triumph and power.

With “Kydoimos” (Κυδοιμος), KAWIR maintain their mantle as Greek Black Metal overlords. Their trajectory over 30 years has taken them a lot of places, so don’t expect the same old same old. KAWIR pushes into fresh territory with “Kydoimos” (Κυδοιμος). New and returning fans alike will appreciate this one.


8 / 10









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"Kydoimos (Κυδοιμος) " Track-listing:

1. Teiresias (ΤΕΙΡΕΣΙΑΣ)

2. Fields Of Flegra (ΦΛΕΓΡΑΣ ΠΕΔΙΟΝ)

3. Centauromachy (ΚΕΝΤΑΥΡΟΜΑΧΙΑ)

4. Hecatonchires (ΕΚΑΤΟΓΧΕΙΡΕΣ)

5. Myrmidons (ΜΥΡΜΙΔΟΝΕΣ)

6. Achilles & Hector (ΑΧΙΛΛΕΑΣ ΚΑΙ ΕΚΤΟΡΑΣ)

7. Achilles Funeral (Η ΚΗΔΕΙΑ ΤΟΥ ΑΧΙΛΛΕΑ)

8. Echetlaeus (ΕΧΕΤΛΑΙΟΣ)

9. Kydoimos (ΚΥΔΟΙΜΟΣ)

10. War Is The Father Of All (ΠΟΛΕΜΟΣ ΠΑΝΤΩΝ)


Kawir Lineup:

Therthonax - Lead / Rhythm Guitars

Porphyrion - Vocals

Agisilaos - Drums / Percussion

Iason - Lead / Rhythm / Solo Guitars

Dis Pater – Synths / Keys / Choirs

Epameinondas – Bass

Special guests:
Ilias Zervas – Theatrical Tenor in “Achilles Funeral” and “War Is The Father Of All”
Jim Mutilator – Guest vocals on “Hecatonchires”


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