Shut The Fuck Up And Press Play


What more might there be to say or yield in conversation that the succinct mannerisms […]
By Quinten Serna
February 14, 2021
Katapult - Shut The Fuck Up And Press Play album cover

What more might there be to say or yield in conversation that the succinct mannerisms of melody and rhythm cannot illustrate themselves alone? Forms hallow in mettle and given strength by a passion based in a shared vision it's to no wonder that "Shut The Fuck Up And Press Play" is a self-indulging collection of tracks and a torrent of sound.

KATAPULT begins their EP with the track, "All That's Left," which itself commences with a lo-fi natural harmonic strummed overdriven guitar that in turn quickly segues to the main Production a Punk laden progression paired with some Thrash inspired leads that fade in and out with the intensity of the track. "Shut The Fuck Up And Press Play" begins more straightforward than its predecessor and shares a similar simple compositional style where its focus is given to simple and repeating progressions overlaid with slight variants and small changes that highlight the transitional sections of the song. The penultimate song, "Load The Katapult (Your Old Band Is Shit)" starts up with a lo-fi guitar that stays for a good while within the left channel-the familiarity of classic-esque Thrash Metal is particularly strong within this piece having a form and prevalence integral to the structure and theming of the song both in music and lyrics; the strength of the song comes from its headbanging formalities saturated with gang vocals, a chugging break, and simple leads. The very last track, "Du Brinner Ihjäl" or "You're Burning To Death" is the longest track on the EP and an exceptionally large departure considering the rest of the material that comes before it; the solemn Swedish track is built on polyrhythm and even brings in polyphony for the break-a full distorted and heavy driven band intertwines itself with the ceaseless and increasingly dissonant acoustic as the song reaches in intensity though never quits itself from its acoustic foundation a folk narrative.

Mirth and majesty describe the simple yet inspiring modes of music that make up the entirety of the EP. The guitars have to themselves a sound and expression reminiscent of old school Thrash which itself was pooling from the grooving heavy rock elements of the late 70s both of which are felt throughout the six string's entire venture on the album; the bass is an underlying force giving structure to the whole of the band and serves therein as a perfect bridge between the guitar and the drums bringing the two together in solid fidelity; the drums are of a proud and stoic caliber being unabated and constant in their own right yet never overbearing in any regards.

Shut The Fuck Up And Press Play is a distinct piece that hides nothing and showcases the raw energy of the band just as much as their versatility; the bass and vocals are a bit low compared to the rest of the instruments but otherwise the whole of the piece is a solid construction devoid of any jarring flaw.

8 / 10









"Shut The Fuck Up And Press Play" Track-listing:

1. All That's Left
2. Shut The Fuck Up And Press Play
3. Load The Katapult (Your Old Band Is Shit)
4. Du Brinne Ihjäl

Katapult Lineup:

Felix Bacher - Bass
David Stutzer - Drums
Florian Moritz - Guitars
Joel Purificacion - Guitars
Johan Norström - Vocals

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