Without Looking Back


KAT is considered as one of the pioneers of Heavy Metal. They came into the […]
By Cullen Baldridge
June 3, 2019
KAT - Without Looking Back album cover

KAT is considered as one of the pioneers of Heavy Metal. They came into the world of Heavy Metal in 1979 from Katowice, Poland but didn't release the 1st album "Metal And Hell" until 1986 which earned them a spot in "The British Metal Hammer" as one of the top 40 Black Metal Albums in metal history. The newest album "Without Looking Back" is scheduled to be released June 14 2019.

"Black Night In The Chair": I'm gonna be pushed into being honest with the 1st song. I had never heard of KAT before given this review to do but had read somewhere that they did not follow the guidelines of being placed in any Heavy Metal genre and this I have already found to be true with this song. "Black Night In The Chair" is not what I was expecting at all but does enter with some slightly heavy guitars, heavy bass line and basic drumming, momentarily breaking away into a killer riff and more complex drumming with the bass pushing it all coming into Obeks vocals, that kinda remind me of something Dave Mustaine of MEGADETH would do but with a deeper crunchy style. It also has slightly mellow vocals with some backing vocals incorporated toward the end of the song. "Poker" is definitely more of what I was expecting with faster guitars, the bass lines are pretty cool bass lines with intense drumming and heavier vocals. There is a vocal break around the 2:20 mark for approximately two minutes that includes some pretty intriguing battling guitars that eventually supports some chanting vocals of sorts.

"Medival Fire" will be the 3rd song in and I'm wondering how in the hell have I never heard of KAT..."Medival Fire" is a bad ass tune that's kick ass from the beginning to the end. I am loving "Without Looking Back". This song has awesome guitars and raw vocals, exactly what made 80's Thrash great. "The Race For Life" Is a song about who is real and who is fake; it's all about weeding through the bull shit for your own survival. "Flying Fire" made it as a track for the movie "Squadron 303" that was released in November of 2018; I may have to check that movie out. "Wild" isn't one of my favorite songs on this album. It's just a bit too repetitive for me but still has great musicianship. "Walls Of Whispers" is some more of the same but done more in my taste; the song has cool riffs. It's also great everywhere else musically. "Let There Be Fire"; whoever writes the lyrics seems to have a fascination with fire, with  this being the 3rd song with fire in the song title, but why not? Another great song with badass riffs and over the top drumming infused with ominous bass lines and I am loving the vocals in this song. "More" comes in with cool sound effects and an alienistic verbal intro; the song seems to be a message from the alien Gods, a message advising against corruption, chaos and greed. "The Promise Land" is a dark ballad of sorts but very well done with some Thrash elements added in toward the end.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Without Looking Back" Track-listing:

1. Black Night In My Chair
2. Poker
3. Medival Fire
4. The Race For Life
5. Flying Fire
6. Wild
7. Walls Of Whispers
8. Let There Be Fire
9. More
10. The Promise Land

KAT Lineup:

Obek Weigel - Vocals
Piotr Luczyk - Guitar
Mariusz Prętkiewicz - Drums
Adam "Harris" Jasinski - Bass

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