Salem's Wounds

Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches

Hello there again Metal heads!! It's been awhile since I have written a review, and […]
By Deaddie
February 25, 2015
Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches - Salem's Wounds album cover

Hello there again Metal heads!!

It's been awhile since I have written a review, and when I received "Salem's Wounds" by Karyn Crisis' new solo project GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES, my heart skipped beat. Those familiar with my tastes so far, know that I'm a fiend for anything occult, so I was admittedly rather excited about this one. And my excitement was justified upon my first listen. Initially, I found myself thinking that it was a bit slower than my normal listening preferences, but the dark eerie melodies are absolutely wonderful!

I was not previously familiar with her works in CRISIS, so this was a totally new thing. The music is very smooth, the whole flow of the album is just perfect. Karyn vocals are quite impressive, she is a woman of many voices, from her pirrcing clean vocals, to her demonic growls, and even the in between. Now I do realize that there is a male vocalist, but either way, what they've done on the album completely works. Not only the transitions in vocals, but also how they fit to the music.

As for the feeling of the album, they keep true to their sound throughout the entire album, but they do it in a fashion that doesn't become monotonous and boring. Which is wonderful, because no one wants to get bored half way through an album.

The lyrical content, is beautiful. Certainly it fits with the theme of the band, which is well, the GOSPEL OF THE WITCHES. Upon a small amount of research I found out that she is indeed a natural born medium, which I can instantly identify with, being born with certain (shall we say) "gifts" myself.

But back to the album at hand. I absolutely love it. It has a decent range from mellow to heavy, without needing to use speed as a driving force. EXCEPTIONAL.

I would recommend to fans of MOONSPELLA PERFECT CIRCLEOTEP, and certainly to those with interest in the subject matter.

Can't wait till they come to Baltimore!!!

10 / 10


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"Salem's Wounds" Track-listing:

1. Omphalos
2. The Alchemist
3. Ancient Ways
4. Aradia
5. Mother
6. Father
7. Goddess of Light
8. Howl at the Moon
9. Pillars
10. The Secret
11. Salem's Wounds
12. The Sword + The Stone
13. The Ascent

Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of The Witches Lineup:

Karyn Crisis - Vocals

Live Members:

Davide Tiso - Guitars
Ross Dolan - Bass, Vocals
Bob Vigna - Guitars
Charlie Schmid - Drums
Larry Burns - Sound

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