In the Shadow of Paradise


London based Melodic Death outfit KARYBDIS are back with some brand new meat to chew […]
By Martin "Doomed" Desbois
January 12, 2019
Kargyr - Kargyr album cover

London based Melodic Death outfit KARYBDIS are back with some brand new meat to chew on. The beast has a name: 'In The Shadow Of Paradise.' . Produced by the up and coming Pavel Daniels of CoreTone Studios, the record sees the band delve further into their uncompromising brand of melodic death metal with increased aggression and technical focus. Clocking at 44 minutes 54 seconds, this is a whole journey into their main lyrical theme: what we've done to the planet, and its conseqences. It is their fourth third release to date, after debut album "War for Land" which was highly acclaimed,  album 'From the Depths' , and the killer album 'Samsara'. Their debut album 'From The Depths' (produced by the legendary Russ Russell) embraced a Gothenburg-tinged sound, twinged by an unfaltering hardcore groove that elevated them to the upper echelons of the UK underground.

Following a storming performance at UK Tech Fest 2013, the band began work on their sophomore release. Produced by Death Metal producer Mark Lewis at Audio Hammer Studios, 'Samsara' saw the addition of guitarist Matthew Lowry; pushing the band to new heights. After stellar reviews and a string of mosh-inducing live performances, the band was invited to play Bloodstock in 2016 and decimated a packed out Sophie Lancaster stage. This album is very ironic about the society's choices...the human behaviours and the hypocrisy of all of us at different levels. The vocals are vindictive and strong. The guitars and music overall are a big contrasting machine holding the balance between sharp edgy screams ans guitars licks and roaring bass and drums ('Manifestation track') making volcanoes erupts and avalanches falling on us. This is powerful stuff .Anger filled tracks with a positive message like back in the 80's when death metal was defending our rights as humans about pollution, misbehaviors, wars, and religion. So the chosen theme here is like the revival of it. It made me think of OBITUARY in some way or DEATH. The band's name is shared with a sea monster from Greek mythology which was said to be a spawner of whirlpools who together with Scylla created a smashing gauntlet of death from which few seafarers escaped.

They are not reinventing the genre, doing it is quite difficult these days., but they do it well 'The Scent of Sulphur' opens it up wide like a stabwound in the chest; overly expressive vocals of Rich, teamed up with super-harsh back ones.T he guitar solos are creative and really moving conquering with excessive. It's interesting anger-filled music with Fast melodic death metal. In the title track, the drums are impressive and technical, without going down the 'too much' road. "Chronicles" have badass machine gun drumming that lets the energy levels reach a sum of intensity. I don't understand why they aren't signed yet after almost 10 years of existence. Come on labels, do your researches properly! There are plenty of bands that kisses or kissed the realm of the Melodeath, and personally, I don't listen that much often newer bands in the genre. I stay with classics, because this style exploded in the 90's and it's already been twenty years since AT THE GATES released their first record. But these guys are cool, I like them.

8 / 10









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"In the Shadow of Paradise" Track-listing:

1. The Scent of Sulphur
2. In the Shadow of Paradise
3. Manifestation
4. The Fall of Carnality
5. Thanato
6. Chapters
7. Chronicles
8. Whispers
9. Abyssal
10. Omen 

Karybdis Lineup:

Rich - Vocals
Matt - Guitars
Pete - Guitars
Jay - Bass
Mitch - Drums

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