Just In Time


Ken Karson is a singer / songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. "Just in time" is […]
By Katarzyna Zakolska
December 22, 2013
Karson - Just In Time album cover

Ken Karson is a singer / songwriter from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. "Just in time" is Karson's debut album which was recorded and produced by Rob Mancini at GMG Studio One in Ireland and first release on GMG Records just a while ago.

"Angel or Demon" is definitely my first choice out of this release, a perfect song abiding by the classiness of AOR, presenting a mega catchy chorus with soaring vocals and a full extent of melodies. "In the Heat of the Night" will have you clamed for just a tad bit with acoustic soft riffs only to open you to commercialized echoes lifting up the curtain to memorable moments. "Yesterday" is a sea of catchiness, maintaining the well-known 80's AOR vibe. On "Can You Take Me Home" there is a strong similarity to the Rock / Pop version of BON JOVI. Sometimes Bluesy with its riffing, a little on the verge of one of the local Polish acts I know named IRA. "I Recall" is yet another favorite of mine, a ballad with gentle piano with wonderful harmonious vocals display. Also worth to listen is the acoustic ballad "December Wind" with gentle guitars and "Shine" with tender keyboards along with the usual affirmation of the AORish dominance upon the riffing, a catchy tune that also has that Capella drive.

This brilliant CD is full of killer tracks. Each of the tracks is a potential hit. "Just in time" is for those that wish to sit back and enjoy the spiritual ambiance of melodic Rock and AOR. This is great album charged up with harmony and 80's inspired music, a total perfect on my end. Check it out.

10 / 10


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"Just In Time" Track-listing:

1. Can You Take Me Home
2. In the Heat of the Night
3. Love Is a Two Way Thing
4. Watching You Go By
5. I Recall
6. Yesterday
7. Angel or Demon
8. Shine
9. December Wind
10. I Recall (Piano Version)

Karson Lineup:

Ken Karson - Vocals
Rob Mancini - Production, Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Claudio Pietronik - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Jack Bazzani - Drums & Percussion

Guest Musicians
Adrian Fisher - Rhythm Guitar on "Angel or Demon"
John Pratt - Backing Vocals on "I recall" & "In the heat of the night"
Paul Ward - Acoustic Guitar

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