Spiritual Angel


It is always nice to see new bands believing in their dreams and their potential, […]
By Harry Papadopoulos
February 23, 2010
Kalter - Spiritual Angel album cover

It is always nice to see new bands believing in their dreams and their potential, if any, trying be known. KALDER is one of those bands. They do believe in their dream but the question is do they have the potential?

I tried to find some information about these guys but it was not an easy job. Their MySpace page doesn't have many details and I couldn't find anything at their Facebook page either. So from those little things I came up with, the quintet from Quebec Canada was formed in 2006 as a cover band to CHILDERN OF BODOM, under the name HATECREW. As soon as they started composing and playing their own songs, they changed their name to KALTER and released the "Cold Misery" EP.

A year after, they are back with their self-released debut album "Spiritual Angel". Before start listening to the album and got to know a few things about the band, just by seeing the cover, I was sure that I was going to deal with another folk Metal band. Fortunately things turned out differently. The band plays melodic death Metal inspired from bands like CHILDREN OF BODOM and DIMMU BORGIR but with more progressive parts and even some Power Metal ones. This concept album (unfortunately I don't have the lyrics) starts with some bizarre, for a melodic Death Metal band, percussions bringing in mind a forest or a jungle! The songs are full of musical phrases that someone can not easily find in this genre, looking mostly to the Power Metal fields. I must say though that some clean vocals must have a role in the story in order to be there, but I didn't like them a lot. The female ones were quite better, but I think I would have the whole picture if I had the lyrics.

Overall this album came as a surprise. It may have the CHILDREN OF BODOM sound as base, but they take it a step forward. "Spiritual Angel" is an album that has some good melodies and solos, the only problem is that sometimes they reminded me of some well known progressive bands, a really good production for a self release album and emits freshness. Fans of melodic Death Metal, this album is surely one of those that you must check out.

7 / 10


"Spiritual Angel" Track-listing:
  1. Darker By The Day
  2. Time Out Of Mind
  3. Of Tears And Blood
  4. Ashes
  5. From Now To Eternity
  6. Requiem
  7. For The Last Time
  8. Spiritual Angel
Kalter Lineup:

Marc-Andre Lafreniere - Guitars, Vocals
Mathieu Plamondon - Guitars
Jean-Francois Racine - Keyboards
Ludovic Lanteigne - Bass
Lucas Biron - Drums

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