For The Revolution


Spikefarm/Spinefarm Records hits us twice this year! After it beat the living crap out of […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 26, 2008
Kalmah - For The Revolution album cover

Spikefarm/Spinefarm Records hits us twice this year! After it beat the living crap out of us with the brand new CHILDREN OF BODOM album, which was in fact a bit weaker than its predecessors, we are now witnessing one more top priority release coming straight from the ice cold country of melodic Metal Finland! Two years after their really nice The Black Waltz (2006), the Finnish metallers return with a brand new album that reminds us that they should be a bit more famous than they are now.

The band was formed in 1999 and has managed to become one of Finland's finest Metal acts. I had the chance to listen to some of the band's material when I came across their They Will Return (2002) album. What amazed me back then was the incredible guitar work this band features, something that makes them differ from the rest of the bands in this kind of music.

They have fortunately kept this advantage throughout their career releasing four full-length albums, the one better than the other. Their brand new (fifth) studio effort is entitled For The Revolution and is aiming to make our ears bleed with - for one more time - marvelous shredding by the hands of the Kokko conspiracy. Of course I don't say that the rest of the band members lack of talent, since the rhythm section is solid as a rock and the keyboard melodies are fitting the guitar leads as a glove.

KALMAH, which means to the grave in Karelian, have managed to create a really nice mixture of melody and brutality, while continuously avoiding to fall into the trap most bands do, to sound one more average melodic Death Metal band. The band features an incredible arrangement in its music, that only a few melodic Death Metal bands have nowadays. Their almost orchestral Death Metal with Pekka's harsh vocals on top has become a trademark of the swamp lords. Their music may remind you of bands like NORTHER, WINTERSUN and ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW at some moments, but I can confidently say that they are unique as fuck!

Ok, no need to comment the sound since the well known Tico Tico Studios know how to do their job when it comes to sharp as a diamond sound. If this was not enough, the band used the help of Sweden's Cutting Room for the mastering and the result is nothing less than amazing. I am more than sure than fans of the Finnish/Swedish Death Metal sound will fall in love with KALMAH's latest offering. For The Revolution is guaranteed headbanging mates!

8 / 10


"For The Revolution" Track-listing:

For The Revolution
Dead Man's Shadow
Holy Symphony Of War
Wings Of Blackening
Ready For Salvation
Towards The Sky
Like A Slave

Kalmah Lineup:

Pekka Kokko - Vocals, Guitar
Antti Kokko - Guitar
Timo Lehtinen - Bass
Janne Kusmin - Drums
Marco Sneck - Keyboards

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