The Frozen Throne


Power metal quartet KALIDIA hails from the fertile soil of Italy. Their first record, "Lies' […]
By John Paul Romero
November 26, 2018
Kalidia - The Frozen Thone album cover

Power metal quartet KALIDIA hails from the fertile soil of Italy. Their first record, "Lies' Device" was released back in 2014 where the title track went viral on Youtube garnering more than 900,000 views. On 23rd of November this year, they presented their second incarnation, "Frozen Throne". If you want a quick impression, let me tell you that this album was produced and mixed by FREEDOM CALL's axe man, Lars Rettkowitz himself. From there on, you'd know what to expect: epic solos, battle hymns and empowering anthems. Since the breakout video they posted on Youtube four years ago, the band consistently pushed forward, step by step from time to time. Led by their charismatic vocalist Nicoletta Rosellini, they have gathered a respectable amount of followers - followers who were mainly the reason why they are back with this majestic album. And I assure everyone from here, you will not be disappointed.

The eleven-track album is a very promising material, and would most likely slingshot the band into a higher ground and welcome new fans. The songs are full of power, epicness and glory. They utilized a great guitar sound and keyboard presence creating shreddy epic duels. The track "Black Sails" is the perfect example of this mix. The marching tune and the push-and-pull attack of the song is made perfect by the guitar-keyboard transitions and made more eventful by the twin attack solo (or should we call it a duet?). The track "To the Darkness I Belong" is all about melodies. The song begins with a mid-paced tempo with a heavy atmosphere into a quite faster chorus. The guitar riffs, the keyboards and the drums create a perfect harmonious backdrop to Nicoletta's singing. Even in the brief thundering solos, melodies are given more priority over aggression.

The album also has a furious side, which was showcased in the track "Amethyst". The lightning fast shreds and blasting drums could be compared to that of DRAGONFORCE's. However, despite the generally fast and aggressive musicality Nicolette sticked to her elegant style of singing which turned out to be a good combination. Power ballad is also a thing in this record with the song "Midnight's Chant". The song possesses a certain dark atmosphere, but the emotions in the instruments and in the singing overpower everything. Talking about favorites, the first three tracks dominate everything. The tracks offer a different catchy vibe that hooks the listeners' attention to the song note-per-note. Also, the key to its epicness are the big and anthemic choruses.

8 / 10









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"The Frozen Throne" Track-listing:

1. Frozen Throne
2. Circe's Spell
3. Black Sails
4. Orpheus
5. To The Darkness I Belong
6. Myth of Masada
7. Midnight's Chant
8. Go Beyond
9. Amethyst
10. Lotus
11. Queen of the Forsaken

Kalidia Lineup:

Nicoletta Rosellini - Vocals
Federico Paulini - Guitars
Roberto Donati - Bass
Dario Gozzi - Drums

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