Kakoranger Corps


It's a trip guys, a wild trip of Progression within 16-bit 2D video game. A […]
By Branislav Stanojevic
February 3, 2015
Kakoranger - Kakoranger Corps album cover

It's a trip guys, a wild trip of Progression within 16-bit 2D video game. A rollercoster where you are onboard with Sonic, Super Mario Bros, Liu Kang and Raiden from Mortal Kombat. Trust my words,you shall be entertained,amazed and speechless,at first listening,but that's about it.

It's like you ended up in an Anime,where you see wild Brown bears from Russia kicking the hell out of the guitars. It's weird,I must admit that,the nastiest thing I heard lately, and who would have thought that Russians and Japanese legacy would cooperate in the spirit of Progressive Metal and video-games? If I could mind them, I would try to point out now-a-days requirements in Metal world,the specific orders by the audienceand at the very end Record labels. I cannot resist saying their message is a bit too complexed and you can easily get lost inside the playlist. Do not try to memorize or record the songs' names, you'll fail hard.

Let's be witful for a moment and take a few steps back at previous works by KAKORANGER; facing it for the first time, I was unsatisfied, fairly saying they repeat themselves over and over again. The whole thing named "Kakoranger Corps" goes around the instrumentals with the odd vocal session by their friends and you really need to force yourselves to find a bigger difference between the other accomplishment on the EP. Songs I would suggest you must-listen to are "Lailia (the Ghost of That Girl)", "Banana Port Control" and the 11th one "By Our Powers Combined We Are Kakoranger", it silvers your thoughts, it will for sure.

"Kakoranger Corps" is mixed and produced by KAKORAGNER in the wild, yet peaceful country area of rural Russia. Vocal sessions or as they like to call it "Voice actors" were Frans and Laura Aalto from Finland, Canadian lad Shan and Mimis Panayotopulos from Greece. Loops for "Secret of the Miloganda" by Kornilios Kiriakidis, synths and vocals by Chrysa T.

7 / 10


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"Kakoranger Corps" Track-listing:

1. The Golden Sphere
2. Humungus
3. Kakoranger Corps
4. Secret of the Miloganda
5. Lailia (the Ghost of That Girl)
6. Youkai Gundan
7. Kamen Rider 666
8. Banana Port Control
9. The Monstrous Seaweed
10. Gyaos
11. By Our Powers Combined We Are Kakoranger
12. Dyatlov Pass

Kakoranger Lineup:

No Information Available

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