February 22, 2019 brought the third full length release, "Martyria," from KAISAS. The band released […]
By Crisstopher Robyn
March 20, 2019
Kaisas - Martyria album cover

February 22, 2019 brought the third full length release, "Martyria," from KAISAS. The band released "Unify" in 2011 and their second album "Degitalize" also by Sleaszy Rider in 2014. In this Heavy Rock era, seemingly dominated on one side by brutal metal bands, and on the other, melodic rock, KAISAS try to stand out by creating a brand of their own. By combining power and melody that are throwback to the classic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal days, the band seem to be taking us back in time. The album is also dedicated to guitarist Steve "Steamin'" Clark, former member of DEF LEPPARD, who died in 1991. The track "Steaming" pays homage to Clark.

"Calling From Another World" gets the album started with that 80's guitar tone and drum sound. It instantly takes you back to those early 80's. there is really nothing complicated to the music. It is very reminiscent of what I listened to growing up. The vocals seem to harmonize in parts but not completely. It is the only flaw that I can find wrong. "Bloody Red" is the third track and reminds me of "Rock You Like A Hurricane" by The SCORPIONS in the beginning. The guitar play is still that throwback tone, and the vocals seem to blend more here. The song has an easy beat that allows you to slide along with the music. Track number five, "For Freedom," squeezes out a ballad that reminds me of headbands and blue jean jackets. Visions of those 80's rebels piled into a venue with fists high in the air fill my head. It is a really good song, that seems to fit right along with albums of that era. The best always seem to be in the middle.  "Can't Fight In Dreams" is at our halfway point. It is that classic slow ballad to begin. The vocals here still do not mesh well. They seem to be off by a fraction of a second. Overall the song is decent and still keeps you in the era of Melodic rock. Track nine, "Meet Cpt. Death," from the mere title alone reminds me of TWISTED SISTER's "Capt. Howdy". It holds the same type of mood with its modest beats and guitar play. It gives off a haunting vibe that stares over your right shoulder and keeps you looking behind yourself. This is my favorite from the album so far. "Modern Day Apocalypse" ends "Martyria," but I feel as if "Can't Hide the Pain" would have been more fitting. It is a soft ballad where the vocals tend to stand out more than the instruments. It isn't a terrible thing. I just feel the production is much better here than in the latter.

If you are a fan of DEF LEPPARD, IRON MAIDEN, and DIO, you will probably enjoy KAISAS. They tend to bring a flavor of years gone by that a lot of bands try to replicate. They do a very good job with their musical writing but I still feel like there is a bit missed in the production. It isn't horrible like one may think after that statement, but it just seems to lack in parts or somethings do not fit well together to my ears. That isn't to say that fans of the band will agree, but this is a decent album that many would probably take a listen to and find songs to throw on their playlist.

8 / 10









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"Martyria" Track-listing:

1. Calling From Another World
2. Burnin' Wheels O' Fire
3. Bloody Red
4. For Freedom
5. Cold Feelings
6. Filthy Lyin' System
7. Can't Fight In Dreams
8. Steamin'
9. Meet Cpt. Death
10. Whores Of Babylon
11. Can't Hide The Pain
12. Heaven Denied
13. Modern Day Apocalypse

Kaisas Lineup:

Babis Kaisas - guitars, bass
Gordon McKintosh - vocals
Fotis Nestor Canister - drums

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