Inhuman Nature


JUVALIANT is a power/progressive band from Salzburg, Austria. They also have a symphonic touch to […]
By Jonathan Maphet
June 23, 2010
Juvaliant - Inhuman Nature album cover

JUVALIANT is a power/progressive band from Salzburg, Austria. They also have a symphonic touch to their music. Their music has a lot of variation to it. Sometimes guitars hum cleanly and sometimes they buzz with a dirty sound, very distorted. This is surprising considering the progressive style of their music. Once again, we get another power/progressive band with a good vocalist. That is half the battle right there. I can never figure out why you would want to form a band and then a pick a crappy vocalist. Fortunately, JUVALIANT was able to find a good one in, Thomas Strubler. There is no doubt that musically this group is extremely talented. Every aspect of the music is handled capably, from the guitars to the drums and to the bass and the orchestration. The production is crystal clear.

I hear some ICED EARTH riffs that Jon Schaffer from ICED EARTH is famous for in the song "Doomsday Machine". Unlike ICED EARTH however, the riff styling of Schaffer doesn't dominate the song for its entirety. Not that it is a good or bad thing it's just how they chose to do it. It fits in stylistically very well. There is also some epic choiring in the album as well letting the listener know that JUVALIANT is deadly serious at making a really profound in scope album from start to finish. I cannot help but being impressed with all the different styles incorporated into the album without anything feeling unnecessarily forced or out place. It all has a distinct continuity to it. "Hells Roundabout" begins with theneo classical style of Luca Turilli and quickly retains its own style after the grandiose opening. I am a big fan of rapid double bass drumming, especially when it fits with the song. They do a fine job of that here, even if it is limited. It's been a long time when I have heard such an enormous amount of talent incorporated into one single project. Maybe the songs aren't as memorable as they should be, my only disappointment, and a small one at that, but the playing cannot be faulted even for a second.

I don't want to leave out that the singer can scream with the best of them, but he has the restraint to do so only a few times. He does not overdo it at all and that is impressive to me considering that so many other bands wear it out in a quick fashion. The main word here is "control". I am impressed. I find that this album grew on me upon each listening, rather than fading or worsening as some do, and that is a great quality to have. As a band, you want your fans to gain appreciation with each ensuing listening.

Overall, I would strongly recommend "Inhuman Nature" for those that can take multiple stylish incorporations and again, it never strays off to a point where it loses focus. I will definitely be adding this to my play list in the immediate future. In some parts where the music departs from pure Heavy Metal and enters the classical realm, it is downright beautiful, such as in the song "Killing Child". Don't let the title fool you. It is harmless enough.

8 / 10


"Inhuman Nature" Track-listing:
  1. Into The Abyss (intro)
  2. Heroes (We Will Be)
  3. Doomsday Machine
  4. Live To Die
  5. Killing Child
  6. On Wings Of Steel
  7. Silent Agony
  8. Cold Distance Of The Universe
Juvaliant Lineup:

Saso Gacnik - Keyboards
Robert Schönleitner - Guitar
Thomas Strübler - Vocals
Sebastian Lanser - Drums
Aleksandar Vešic - Bass

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