Below The Line

Jutta Weinhold

Jutta Weinhold is one of the best female Metal singers in the world, the only […]
By Chiara Pellegrini
May 28, 2006
Jutta Weinhold - Below The Line album cover

Jutta Weinhold is one of the best female Metal singers in the world, the only one that can proudly stand next to Doro Pesh. Just think that she began her career in the 70's with the musicals Hair and Jesus Christ Superstar.
During her music-related life, the singer from Northern Germany has experienced both highs and lows. Especially Zed Yago, the band that made Jutta quite famous in the Metal scene, got her to know the difference between light and shadow. In 2004, Jutta came back with the acclaimed From Heaven Through The World To Hell, and with Below The Line she proves once again that's she capable of creating a timeless album, which manages to be the balancing act between sophistication on one side and great melodies on the other.
Below The Line is one of the most varied albums of the last years, from blues over Heavy and up to the sound of Metal, Weinhold combines the singer's best experience of 30 years of hard music in a very tasteful manner. Sometimes dramatic, then sensitive, other times aggressive or just angry, but every time emotional with great melodies and a powerful voice. Jutta also gives us a marvelous interpretation: Eternity, a poetic ballad, The Spirit Of Fear or the fascinating dark mantra of Nothing To Lose (that reminds me a lot Zed Yago's style). Musically, these compositions are the most progressive works of her long career. Listeners who are searching for safe melodies will be disappointed for sure! This time the producer is Lars Ratz and the co-producer is Michael Ehre, both from Metalium, providing a powerful sound done at the Tornado Studios in Hamburg. Both played the rhythm-instruments on the production and you can hear Metalium's influence, especially in tracks like Memories Reminder (my personal favorite) and Fair Is Foul-Foul Is Fair. Lars already played together with Jutta in Velvet Viper more than 15 years ago, so he knew exactly what was needed for the new Weinhold.
Below The Line is an album which finds fast access to your ear, but still has something to offer even after multiple listening. This way Weinhold succeeded in creating another piece of heavy music that's also a timeless classic. I'm honored to have reviewed such an extraordinary artist. Thanks a lot, Jutta, you were important for the past, you're in our present, and we want to hear your voice again in the future.

7 / 10


"Below The Line" Track-listing:

Below The Line
Memories Reminder
Fair Is Foul - Foul Is Fair
Spirit Of Fear
Nothing To Loose
Gift Of Fantasy
Fire No Water
The Master's Work

Jutta Weinhold Lineup:

Jutta Weinhold - Vocals
Benjamin Tiedemann - Guitar
Victor Bullok - Guitar
Angie Schiliro - Guitar
Lars Ratz - Bass
Michael Ehre - Guitar & Drums
Karsten Kreppert - Drums

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