What Horrors Await

Jungle Rot

Although they are a 15-year-running band and till now they have five albums (this one […]
By Yiannis Doukas
May 10, 2009
Jungle Rot - What Horrors Await album cover

Although they are a 15-year-running band and till now they have five albums (this one is the sixth), JUNGLE ROT seems to have stick to a dead end. No, their music is not disturbing or 'poser' but they waste time for mediocre and sometimes boring compositions that in the end all that can offer to the poor listener is nothing.
In What Horrors Await there are influences from SLAYER, OBITUARY and SIX FEET UNDER but, if you look more deep, although in the beginning they are looking interesting after four or five listening sessions they will be not only forgotten but also forever entombed in nothingness. With the first song, Worst Case Scenario, they start with SLAYER mimics and the vocals turn to a Dave Ingram (BENEDICTION old vocalist) thing, while in its end you will meet a riff a la BOLT THROWER. Good track, it rises any appetite for pure Metal, but the SIX FEET UNDER elements in The Unstoppable and Straightjacket Life do not persuade and in the end are very tiring. Specially when they proffer hardcore things like in the refrain of State Of War or the whole entity of Two Faced Disgrace.
JUNGLE ROT's music is based on groove but their riffs do not have the proper dynamics that can excite the Metal sense. The whole absence of solo, except the typical ones that exist in End Of An Age (that after 1:30 has an OBITUARY copied riff) and Exit Wounds, cannot help the songs. Besides this, tracks like Speak The Truth, Braindead, Atrocity and Black Candle Mass look like they were written in hurry. The only ones that can really offer something are the first track, the self-titled one and the good groove of Exit Wounds. Last but not least, the continuous double bass playing in drumming turns - in the end - to garrulity.
JUNGLE ROT are not, really, an 'ass' band. Some parts will make you have headbanging, they have old DESTRUCTION influences, (look also to the cover of Invisible Force) but they address to people that want to have anything. It is good to mention the SODOM name as influence but that and only that cannot guarantee anything about the music. I believe the possibility of What Horrors Await's to constantly melt inside your CD player is impossible, but for offering some SLAYER-ish ecstasy moments I choose to give a high rating.

6 / 10

Had Potential

"What Horrors Await" Track-listing:

Worst Case Scenario
The Unstoppable
Straightjacket Life
State Of War
Two Faced Disgrace
End Of An Age
Speak The Truth
What Horror Awaits
Nerve Gas Catastrophe
Exit Wounds
Invisible Force
Black Candle Mass

Jungle Rot Lineup:

Dave Matrise - Vocals, Guitars
Geoff Bub - Guitars
James Genenz - Bass
Eric House - Drums

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