Second Hand Life

Joe Lynn Turner

I was always a fan of Turner's melodic vocals. His history as a singer can […]
By Yiannis Dafopoulos
April 14, 2007
Joe Lynn Turner - Second Hand Life album cover

I was always a fan of Turner's melodic vocals. His history as a singer can do nothing more than prove his talent and his hard work. I was really glad to see his latest effort arriving just to be reviewed. Even though the AOR maniac (Greg) tried to get it from me, we had a sword fight. I won with honor and pride. May Greg's soul (and his vinyl collection) rest in peace. Har har har...

It was in 1981, when Turner's first work with legendary RAINBOW was released. I am talking about the incredible Difficult To Cure! Since then, Turner has taken part in many bands and projects like DEEP PURPLE, BRAZEN ABBOT and his project with Glenn Hughes, HUGH TURNER PROJECT. He has released many solo albums and this is one of them, his latest full-length effort, which is gong to be released in the 20th of April.

Even if I didn't know the label that was going to release the album, I would be 100% sure that it was going to be Frontiers. Reality is cruel, but musicians that released incredible albums in the past, are now trying to earn their old fame back. Second Hand Life is a case similar to what I just said. Turner's voice is of course still fucking awesome, but I think that this album is just for fans and nothing more. The songs are really cool and seem pretty tight and strong compositions. The sound is between melodic Hard Rock and AOR as always reminding us the great moments of RAINBOW (Blood Red Sky) as well as the American Hard Rock scene (call me DOKKEN). Second Hand Life is an album that is characterized by the great guitar work of Karl Cochran and the strong rhythm section that Cartellone and Held create. Turner's voice seems like the best garniture for this Hard Rock cake! Special credits go to the production who adds to the overall result. Turner returns melodic, funky and heavy for one more time. I said that this release is just for fans because there are many classic and much better releases for the non-experienced listeners to buy. Even though the album is good, it is obvious that Turner lacks of some fresh ideas since the riffs are classic and the lyrics are too common (the tables have turned, ain't gonna resist and stuff like that).

I found this album pretty good since I am fan of Turner's voice, as well as a fan of melodic Hard Rock. If you are into this genre, I would suggest you go and buy this album since it will accompany you for some time. The younger and not so experienced listeners should better check some older and more classic stuff first.

Album Highlights: Second Hand Life (radio friendly Rock song), Blood Red Sky (RAINBOW style with some Middle Eastern melodies), Stroke Of Midnight (classic Turner style funky Hard Rock)

7 / 10


"Second Hand Life" Track-listing:

Love Is Life
Got Me Where You Want Me
Second Hand Life
In Your Eyes
Blood Red Sky
Stroke Of Midnight
Over The Top
Sweet Obsession
Love Is On Our Side
Two Lights [Bonus Track]

Joe Lynn Turner Lineup:

Joe Lynn Turner - Vocals
Karl Cochran - Guitar
Bob Held - Bass
Michael Cartellone - Drums
Gary Corbett - Keyboards

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