Holographic Slammer

Jody Seabody & The Whirls

The members of JODY SEABODY & THE WHIRLS are hailing from Houston, Texas and they […]
By YngwieViking
February 2, 2016
Jody Seabody & The Whirls - Holographic Slammer album cover

The members of JODY SEABODY & THE WHIRLS are hailing from Houston, Texas and they tried to define their sound as Heavy, Melodic, Progressive or Psychedelic with an old fashionned Punk-Pop-Surf Rock format updated by a method based on pure energy and emotion... Their debut album "Summer Us" was released on June 30, 2012... This is a difficult task for me: giving my honest and partial quote for "Holographic Slammer"... Yep? For me this require a complete dose of courage to cross the whole recording.

Alternative has always been one of the more divisive of Rock's numerous sub-genres. Indeed for me, it's a very disentious jubject, essentially a matter of bad taste and the opinions are cutting like sharp razors. For every fanboy who considers Cobain as the ultimate artist model, there are just as many folks like yours turly, for whom it's nothing more than an insipid shitload of unlistenable detuned garbage performed by depressive drug addicts in dirty flanel shirts.

The American four-piece known as JODY SEABODY & THE WHIRLS are not pretending reinvent the wheel or the wire to cut the butter but they surely be in the same snob defiance by my fellows experts in clever Metal, and my cynical introduction with the typical arrogant tone and its intoleranceof clichés and amalgam is probably already making my opinion clear.

Bottom line and final verdict , the sophomore album by JODY SEABODY & THE WHIRLS "Holographic Slammer" that was released on November 10 of 2015, is something that may not appeal to someone like me, a straight Metalhead with a quite a serious focus on his everyday music, someone who has never really been fond of Alternative nor... Noise. Ok, I could be rated as an old fart with a Jurassic view, but perhaps and after all some avid fanatics of the 90's Garage Rock Grunge genre may like it!

So if you belong to the Modern hipsters urban tribe, or worshipers of the aforementioned Seattle icon, if your contradiction spirit is bigger than your wallet, you can try it, but you can not say you have not be warned. I believe that it contains some elements quite typical, but it doesn't have the special ingredients to make a real difference!

Of course, I'm the worst listener and the pickiest of reviewers when it comes to this floppy style of Rock music... I had to walk a rocky road to find my way through the entire running tracklist, I struggled hard to find enjoyment in this recording with no success at all... To complete the dizzy picture, the sound is a little muddy... The hype around the exclusive vinyl release is another pure but dull marketing gimmick if you ask me! I'll give it points for trying to be different but overall, sorry, it didn't really work for me; "Holographic Slammer" didn't impress me as a whole or in any kind of detail.

3 / 10


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"Holographic Slammer" Track-listing:

 1. Two Atmospheres
 2. Grassman
 3. You Always Come In Twos
 4. Summery Zen
 5. Rake One
 6. Battle
 7. Charlemagne pt. 1
 8. Charlemagne pt. 2
 9. Fucked Up Adventurous

Jody Seabody & The Whirls Lineup:

Clint Rater - Drums/Vocals
Dylan Thompson - Bass
Dave Merriett - Guitar/Vocals
Bryce Perkins - Guitar/Vocals

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