Roots & Shoots Volume 1

Jim Petrik & World Stage

Jim Petrik's home base has always been Ides Of March since 1964. Jim has co […]
April 3, 2024

Jim Petrik's home base has always been Ides Of March since 1964. Jim has co written some of the most unforgettable rock hits including “Eye Of The Tiger”, ”Burning Heart”. He also has a long standing relationship with Southern Rock group .38 Special, He co wrote their hits “Hang On Loosely”, ”Caught Up In You” ,just to name a few and is a collaboration which carries on today. Jim often tours Europe with his current group Pride Of Lions. The World Stage is a project Jim put together bringing artists with whom he has a history as co-writer or touring with for live shows and recordings ,but also showcases artists that Jim mentors. With several albums already with World Stage ,2024 brings us volume one “Roots & Shoots”

Dangerous Combination” the first single featuring Kevin Cronin of Reo Speed wagon kicks off this project a great duet with Jim Petrik. A great track that just flows along with a great chorus ,great arrangements and guitar solo ,a song which has a Springsteen/AOR feel to it, with a fusion of country which works very well. ”Before Anyone Knows We're Gone” features Colin Petrik (Jim's Son) which is very radio friendly song about love, running away to Mexico! Very catchy song that you cant help but sing along to. ”Last Dream Home” features Don Barnes Of .38 Special a great song Americanised AOR at its best with that sprinkle of Jim Petrik's  song writing magic that I have admired for a very long time. ”Forever s The Last Place You Look” features Paul Childers from Nashville described as a new breed of songwriter from Nashville. This shows the variety and diversity on this album. This track very much gives me an Eighties Journey feel as does “Mend The Fences” featuring Kelly Keagy of Night Ranger but the latter has a bluesy guitar and feel to the song, with that keyboard riff and chord which compliments the guitar.

”As I Am” is one of the highlights featuring a country singer from Louisiana Ashton Brooke Gill the production of this track allow her vocals to shine through, they are captivating, soulful and dramatic. ”Friends Forever” features Jim Petrik and Mark Farner who is Lead Singer/Guitarist from the band Grand Funk Railroad. This song has more depth, bluesy and soulful which make me think an Elton John sort of feel. ”Suddenly” features Leslie Hunt a singer from Chicago who offers a ballad song with a lighter shade, yet again showing how varied musically this album is. ”I Found Me” featuring Mark Mackay a singer from Chicago has great melody, a song that vocally draws you in ,has a great chorus superb guitar solo. One of the best songs on the album. ”Fire And Water” is another ballad featuring Dave Mikulskis a singer and Lisa McClowry a singer and actress both from Chicago, bring a great duet, ballad, which has that title track to a blockbuster movie sort of vibe to it, a fitting end to the album.

Roots & Shoots Volume One” is a great album of songs that show Jim Petrik can still write and perform great songs all these years later, that magic song writing touch is still there for us all to enjoy. One of the song writing greats. This album delivers ten great songs using established artists and also some newer artists with a perfect balance. Its musical variety is really refreshing but still manages to capture that AOR/American rock sound perfectly and superbly.

8 / 10









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"Roots & Shoots Volume 1" Track-listing:

1. Dangerous Combination  (Feat Kevin Cronin and Jim Peterik)
2. Before Anyone Knows We’re Gone (Feat Colin Peterik)
3. Last Dream Home (Feat Don Barnes)
4. Forevers The Last Place You Look (Feat Paul Childers)
5. Mend Fences (Feat Kelly Keagy)
6. As I Am (Feat Ashton Brooke Gill)
7. Friends Forever (Feat Jim Peterik and Mark Farner)
8. Suddenly (Feat Leslie Hunt and  Jim Peterik)
9. I Found Me (Feat Mark Mackay)
10. Fire And Water  (Feat Lisa McClowry and Mike Mikulskis)




Jim Petrik & World Stage Lineup:

Ed Brekenfield - Drums And Percussion

Mike Aquino – Lead And Rhythm Guitar

Bob Lizik – Bass

Jim Petrik – Keyboards And Additional Guitars

Colin Petrik – Guitars And Keyboards on “Before Anyone Knows We're Gone”

Mark Mackay – Additional Guitars on “I Found You”

Paul Childers – Additional Lead Guitar and Backing Vocals on “Forever's The Last Place You Look”

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