Just As The Dust Had Settled

Jameson Raid

In labels like Shadow Kingdom Records it's lovers of the traditional Metal sound have (or […]
By Grigoris Chronis
May 24, 2010
Jameson Raid - Just As The Dust Had Settled album cover

In labels like Shadow Kingdom Records it's lovers of the traditional Metal sound have (or should have) turned their interest to; this label does a g-r-e-a-t job on bringing forth uncut diamonds of the Metal past and present, also focusing on the discs' layout/booklet too. You can't teach an old dog new tricks; old-school Metal fans carry on buying stuff and labels/actions as this one confirm the esteem is mutual. OK, let's travel to the UK three decades ago now.

Just before the NWOBHM typhoon was to burst out, it was a usual 'underground' move for a rockin' band to release a 7" single or participate in a compilation as an introductory step to point out its existence but also to get known to band hunters all around Britain willing to contribute to the ongoing approval of hardhittin' bands with longhaired guys aiming to rule the world (Punk was stepping out of fashion by the time). Yeap, giants like IRON MAIDEN, DEF LEPPARD, DIAMOND HEAD and many many others has a self-financed or low-budget single as the predecessor of their 'dream come true?' career. I'm pretty positive more than 50% of NWOBHM bands had released a 7" or 12" disc as their first piece at the time...and JAMESON RAID was one of them.

The band did not make it to the bigger Metal world; not all of the bands could do it, anyway. Truth is, however, JAMESON RAID had enough skill and dynamics to take the Metal world by storm and the fact their only contribution back then (the band has reformed and is active as we speak) was a demo-7"-EP trilogy of releases does not tell the full story of such a competent outfit. "Just As The Dust Had Settled" is here, however, to clear some things up and offer a great anthology of songs by JAMESON RAID to those willing to dig a little bit deeper in the early British Metal scene, not staying only to the commercial names.

The style of JAMESON RAID - bearing in mind the band was formed in Birmingham in 1977 - is definitely based on the 70s Rock of England in the epic/dark side of bands like ATOMIC ROOSTER, BLACK SABBATH, BUDGIE and WISHBONE ASH. They portrayed a more in-your-face profile, also, bringing to mind CREAM, THIN LIZZY or early JUDAS PRIEST. The music here consists of songs form their 1978-1981 days and is the purity of such music back then is unveiled in one hour of the disc spinning. Fellow NWOBHM bands in reference would include WITCHFYNDE, TRAITORS GATE, BADGER, QUARTZ, BLEAKHOUSE or 'darker' DIAMOND HEAD, so as to have a draft idea on the band's style. The deep, straightforward vocals of Terry Dark, the rockin' wild but equally 'occult' guitars and the pounding vintage rhythm section all contributed their own piece to the making of NWOBHM songs fans of those days shall surely enjoy.

"Seven Days Of Splendour", "It's A Crime", "Gettin' Hotter" and "The Raid" are personal faves in a collection of equally charming old songs from a decent NWOBHM band - the booklet is ultra-informative too with all the lyrics, a detailed bio and comments by the band. But, let the music do the talkin'; if your cup of tea is traditional pre-polished Metal music then go ahead and spent time with some classic company. Regular buyers of the Shadow Kingdom catalogue know what to expect, anyway. The band will play some reunion gigs in Germany and the UK in July 2010, too; don't miss a part of British music history, I'd propose.

8 / 10


"Just As The Dust Had Settled" Track-listing:
  1. Seven Days Of Splendour
  2. Titanic
  3. Catcher In The Rye
  4. Run For Cover
  5. It's A Crime
  6. Fortune Teller
  7. Do It The Hard Way
  8. The Hypnotist
  9. Never Again
  10. The Raid
  11. Electric Sun
  12. Straight From The Butchers
  13. Getting Hotter
  14. Goodbye
Jameson Raid Lineup:

Terry Dark - Vocals
Steve Makin, Mike Darby, Ian Smith - Guitar
Peter Green, John Ace - Bass
Phil Kimberley - Drums

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