Perfect Insanity

Jaded Heart

This is the 9th album for German melodic hard rockers JADED HEART and the second […]
By Maria Kallinikou
October 27, 2009
Jaded Heart - Perfect Insanity album cover

This is the 9th album for German melodic hard rockers JADED HEART and the second release with Johan Fahlberg on vocals since Michael Bormmann left the band. A leave that really troubled the fans of the band - and the band itself I assume- as it would be really hard to find a vocalist with Bormann's charisma. Johan Fahlberg grabbed the chance and he covered the gap. Although there are far too many melodic releases for this year, JADED HEART's work can hold a place among the good ones. Perfect Insanity, follower of Sinister Mind, mixed by producers Chris Lausmann (ex-BONFIRE), Michael Voss (MAD MAX) and Dennis Ward (PINK CREAM 69) demonstrates, naturally, lots of sounds from the classic Hard Rock and Metal scene of the country. Moreover with those names behind the console we can capture the sound that is exhibited through this release.
Love Is A Killer makes a very good start with its rapid hooks and its HELLOWEEN-like solo. This album holds the advantage of not being described as boring as each song, apart from the energy and the tight flow, can exhibit several influences. From Tonight, with its strong JUDAS PRIEST essence combined with American influences (like CRIMSON GLORY) while the chorus holds the melodic element, Freedom Call that adds SAXON to vex the german school, Blood Stained Lies with the orient impact in the solo, till Come To The Feast which is the bluesy moment of the release and brings up a lot of SCORPIONS to memory. One Life One Death sounds as much GOTTHARD-ish as its title indicates. The vocals modification in Rising alienate it from the rest and make it a good fill up track, while Exterminated creates the same power in the end as Love Is A Killer in the beginning.
JADED HEART achieves a good balance in their releases making them a band that somehow doesn't disappoint its listeners. Really, it doesn't matter if Bormann has left, because Fahlberg does an amazing job anyway. The production is perfectly attended and makes this album a characteristic example of German melodic Metal and probably one among the good melodic albums Germany offers this year.  

8 / 10


"Perfect Insanity" Track-listing:

Love Is A Killer
Fly Away
Blood Stained Lies
Freedom Call
One Life One Death
Hell Just Arrived
Psycho Kiss
Come To The Feast

Jaded Heart Lineup:

Johan Fahlberg - vocals
Peter Φstros - Guitars
Michael MÏŒller - Bass
Axel Kruse - Drums
Henning Wanner - Keyboards

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