The Pacification Of Death


Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: JADE; signed via Pulverised Records, […]
January 12, 2023
Jade - The Pacification Of Death album cover

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: JADE; signed via Pulverised Records, hailing from International grounds - Germany, Catalonia & Spain... performing Atmospheric Death Metal, on their debut full-length studio album entitled: "The Pacification Of Death" (released November 25th, 2022). Since formation in 2018; the trio in question have only this here debut full-length studio album, and an EP entitled: "Smoking Mirror MMXVIII" (released July 13th, 2018) in their discography so far. I am introduced to their debut full-length entitled: "The Pacification Of Death". 6 tracks ranging around 39:56; JADE arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Atmospheric Death Metal developments.

Opening up the record with this synthetic soundscape of atmospheric ambience in a deathly landscape of ominously jarring symbolism; the titular track distils a blasphemous density in shrieking snares of scouring yet sinisterly volatile savagery, "The Pacification of Death" showcases a blistering barrage frenzy in bulldozing adrenaline and amplified heft. Amalgamating a bludgeoning bombardment in boisterously bouncy chuggage amongst a galloping frolic in gnarly distortion and grindy thuds of reverberating rumbles that tremble speakers with primitively raw potency, slabbing a solidly sulphurous surge of slaying rhythms that portray this ruthlessly pandemonic strife on sturdy tightness that ramifies with vibrantly punchline meatiness on top of monstrous maelstrom stability that synergises well with riveting wrath profusely. A. on guitars experiments at a hybrid execution in a borderline foundation of rampantly rompy dexterity, impactfully belting a clobbering dynamic in sonically seamless substance and organic robustness to boot in which manifests with monolithic tempo that's most killer.

Renegading through with this uniquely versatile vehement on an all guns blazing technicality; this malignant prowess unearths a distinctively distinguished element in implementing audible bass flickerings from J., while uproarious soars of throaty vocals rasp out with guttural grumbles and bleeding cords...culminating a grunty bark whilst transitioning these agonising backing bellows that seem like a beatific assimilation is taking place within "Dragged Fears & Drowned Bones". Still retaining those weighty rampages of stampeding maliciousness; the strong throttles merge well with the theatrical screams of tormenting anguish, empowering eardrums ferociously with rambunctiously piledriving slams from hammering drummer M. who smacks the set with steely precision & visceral bestiality. Brutally beating down furiously as a fierce firepower expertise relentlessly steamrolls souls with trailblazing mayhem; especially in "Emanation Of Decay".

Pounding pummels rollick with towering pursuits of striking intensities; impulsing heads with radically wicked yet venomous grittiness, as concrete bashfulness fabricates a flamboyant fluidity on thick tonality that's rather rough & mean whilst those other worldly chimes construct a diverse archetype from beginning to end in almost every song to vary with archaic clamours, amongst a transcendent perseverance for good measure that's most marvelling. "Silk Ransoms" flexes its brawny instrumental force with wildly rushing sharpness of razor-piercing revs; that meltdown with fundamental cylinders, as a crescendo building tremolo transition forges a gruesome but empyrean brutality which juxtaposes virulently with salubrious calamity and extreme noise terror that will unearth this berserking abomination unto thee to break chairs over other chairs in no time.

The penultimate banger: "Ghastly Eyes" provides more persistent utilisations in all aforementioned abilities in rifting with profane artillery and thrashy momentum, where nothing but a mortifying seething of immensely barbaric headedness packs with vicious hostility and chaotic havoc as a grizzly fuzz of thumpy stompiness swelters souls with menacing but baleful gloominess that's most slithering to listen to. Overall concluding "The Pacification Of Death" with the finale epic: "The Saddest Night"; where this overwhelming shroud of hideous intrigue empowers one with an enjoyably entertaining discovery and enriching but Atmospheric Death Metal slice that's most worthy of spinning whilst replaying a good bunch of times. Making this subgenre performed well with professional talent & skilful tribulation, do check it out.

8 / 10









"The Pacification Of Death" Track-listing:

1. The Pacification of Death
2. Dragged Fears & Drowned Bones
3. Emanation of Decay
4. Silk Ransoms
5. Ghastly Eyes
6. The Saddest Night

Jade Lineup:

J. - Bass/Vocals
M. - Drums
A. - Guitars

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