Fortune Favors The Brave

J.D. Overdrive

Riders of the storm or the cocaine cowboys, or maybe both? Smells like burning Texan […]
July 15, 2013
J.D. Overdrive - Fortune Favors The Brave album cover

Riders of the storm or the cocaine cowboys, or maybe both? Smells like burning Texan liquor but it is actually Polish red and white. On the other hand, this foursome have been mustering the attitude and infamous wayward superiority of the Southern USA scene, grooving, punching, spewing filth, igniting pain in a veil of blackened smoke. J.D. OVERDRIVE, once JACK DANIELS OVERDRIVE but ruled out in order to avoid legal endearment, as if it is never enough being stone cold crazy or immensely sunken drunk, hashed a second release, after partying two years ago with a debut, named "Fortune Favors The Brave", via Metal Mind Productions. Researching the arts of both vintage and contemporary Groove, gloomy Doom Rock and Metal, the Polish beasts have their way rather neatly, conjuring the stimulus of early superlative acts as BLACK SABBATH, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, PANTERA and DOWN, some would argue that there are more, probably there are, maybe ALICE IN CHAINS, but it is definitely not METALLICA (only with a Hetfield sounding frontman or was it an Anselmo turn out?).

The smack down was inevitable, though at first I found myself listening to a modern version of BLACK SABBATH's 70s riffages, something like out of "Master Of Reality", yet the scenery seemed quite clear with the butch chug vocalic aptitude of Wojtek 'Suseł' Kałuża barking lyrics of destruction and violence. Overtime, actually not so long afterwards, it became as groove fest, but with various energetic tones and passages. Hard is also to discourage the occasional soloing, partly with wah wah effects, yet I anticipated a bit more length and heart out of Michał 'Stempel' Stemplowski, as his playing sounded rather adequate, even a bit Hendrix motivated, and after listening to early recordings, I knew that he grasps his trade pretty well. At least his buzz killed with the rhythm guitars producing hollow grooves and several high pitched squeak to cajole the thrill. I have to commend on the rhythm section in general, Łukasz 'Peo' Pomietło (Bass) and Łukasz 'Joorek' Jurewicz (Drums) are tight as hell. Sure that there weren't any groundbreaking odd time signatures or breaks, and thankfully no dull thumping breakdowns.

Largely, and I am back to the point where I mentioned the BLACK SABBATH Stoner vibe, the material continued as similar as on the debut album, "Sex, Whiskey & Southern Blood", yet better engineered as the sound is bloody mayhemic, on a positive note. J.D. OVERDRIVE didn't seem to bother changing their style, maybe instigating a tad more melodic singing that contributed a series of swift punching beats, decisive rhythmic immensity and a ton of attitude as the bad boys of the South, which they are not, turning into a tiny stint into the depths of darkness while treading with a little commercialized catchiness, nothing of an 80s origin though. "Fortune Favors The Brave" in fact left me wishing for a few more songs, even if several on the list were mere fillers in order to pass the time. On the other hand, the album felt musically improved and solid, other than grouchy, digging its own hole in the sand. "Beware the Boozehound", a little vintage time with a great Organ convergence swarming the hull, inducing a great vibe. This boozer felt like a pale DEEP PURPLE with a moderately tuneful chorus, yet it built up into a swell head buster tuning into PANTERA with surplus Organ. "Funeral Stopper", a heavy chunk of meat, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY freak of nature, those hollowed riffing so exuded with dirt, frisky bastards with an unwarranted ambiance crunching up a good solo, yet too short. Nonetheless, that last PANTERA period really blew me away. "Like Heroes to the Slaughter", political stuff as it would appear, main riff cracked me open with that amazing SABBATHerian manner, like biting a sledgehammer, nothing could exceed those kings of groove Rock and Metal music. The song streams in a somewhat solid pattern, yet it was good enough for me. "Shadow Of The Beast", as if driven off a horror movie, heavily melancholic, like a chip of the old "Planet Caravan" but without over boiling effects on the vocals, it barely moves, but this is no warning. It ended up being soothing, relaxing in a wicked kind of way with the drench of the guitars.

If there is sign saying "Road Not Taken", it should direct to the South and to "Fortune Favors The Brave", that is where you will find the four riding boozed Polish Cowboys. Still waiting for their best work, yet it is haunting enough to come back to. Let's toast for it.

7 / 10


"Fortune Favors The Brave" Track-listing:

1. Bad Karma
2. Born to Destroy
3. Funeral Stopper
4. Beware the Boozehound
5. Call of the South
6. Standing Tall
7. Shadow of the Beast
8. The Revelation
9. Like Heroes to the Slaughter
10. Hope for the Best, Prepare for the Worst

J.D. Overdrive Lineup:

Wojtek 'Suseł' Kałuża - Vocals
Michał 'Stempel' Stemplowski - Guitars
Łukasz 'Joorek' Jurewicz - Drums
Łukasz 'Peo' Pomietło - Bass

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