Ivory Night

Now, this is an interesting release. German metallers IVORY NIGHT first caught my attention with […]
By Grigoris Chronis
September 10, 2007
Ivory Night - Machine album cover

Now, this is an interesting release. German metallers IVORY NIGHT first caught my attention with their appearance at 2007's KEEP  IT TRUE festival. Then the band grew higher in esteem, for being the 'backing' band for SAINT (legendary White Metal band) singer Josh Kramer's 2005 German Tour, plus ultra admiration was created seeing them joining ROSS THE BOSS BAND for selected European dates in 2006. Now, as regards music itself:
Having already delivered a limited edition EP in 2003 plus the good 2004's 7 - Dawn Of The Night full-length, this year's Machine sees the band further developing their 'melodic' Metal sound in many extended fields. Beneath a mystique yet charming cover artwork, eleven tracks propose a conceptual differentiation for what we'd call 'German Metal'. The band deals equally with classic Metal, on-the-edge Power/Thrash and experimental add-ons. Yes, do not worry. Machine surely is a Metal album. I can see the influence of the MAIDEN/PRIEST archetypes in the band's music but a more fresh and powerful sound - as with MORGANA LEFAY or late 80s German Metal heroes SECRECY - leaning towards to 'prog' Metal at times.
But, no, not the cultural Prog Metal you may think of. IVORY NIGHT seem to work hard on the spine of their songs. The tunes are technical (but not complex), varied in tempos, riffing and leads. The deeds of (80s) METALLICA and the silent lunacy of MEGADETH 'float' here and there while Patrick Fuchs' vocals are excellent, with passionate singing all around plus theatric growls where needed. The production is superb (for a self-financed release) with all instruments sounding powerful and equal at mix. Songs like The Shelf (check the intermezzo 'break') and Breath Of The Innocent (a guitar tribute to the legendary WISHBONE ASH?) took my breath away plus I loved the mid-tempo straightforwardness of Charon Of Styx and the QUEENSRYCHE-ish attitude of Fallen Father. And what about the Heavy/Thrash lightning of Keeping The Lie?
Now, check the band references in the three above paragraphs and build the picture. IVORY NIGHT is a band created by Metal fans willing to mix all of their likes/influences into the same blend. Machine is a fresh album, it is not 'Nu' at all and - eventually - is a good proposal on how Metal music should sound in this (our) era. Oblivia now I hear again (a wonderful 'acoustic guitar' driven ballad) and I feel fine with bands having such spirit nowadays.

7 / 10


"Machine" Track-listing:

Capping Day
The Shelf
Fallen Father
Keeping The Lie
Charot Of Styx
Breath Of The Innocent
Mr. H's BBQ
The End

Ivory Night Lineup:

Patrick Fuchs - Vocals, Guitar
Tilmann Ruby - Guitar
Carsten Kettering - Bass, Grunts
Volker Schick - Drums

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