Other than the information contained in the PDF archive attached to this release for review […]
By Jorge Zamudio
June 12, 2019
Itheist - Itheist album cover

Other than the information contained in the PDF archive attached to this release for review purposes, I had to go back to a band called Aetherium Mors to discover more background info. Even there, I didn't really find anything too special of fascinating. Despite this inherent mystery, I loved this album.  It has its some really amazing moments, and unique qualities time that really stood out and grabbed my attention.

This album and this music is harsh. It's harsh all the way through, but it would be a lie if I didn't say that this harshness didn't sound somewhat "forced". At times it seems the band uses it to astonish the listener, but without unwavering conviction. ITHEIST is something really different here, in that it feels like this harshness is more made for them than for us. But make no mistake, this is an album made with guts, credence and an evolving atmosphere, dark and raw. so, basically yeah....I was surprised by what I heard, and that I hadn't heard it before.

I'll analyze some of the songs randomly:

"Nether Amon" is slow and a perfect example of mixtures in atmospheric moments mixed with harshness; the vocal is amazing, and even reminds me of Nick Holmes at times. The guitar gives that "entering hell" feeling when the clean moments appear. It's different, and in no way is it a predictable song as the structure change abruptly; it is by far one of the best songs, I have heard in a few years. "Suffering in Existence" It is even more atmospheric, with a more elaborated drawn out rhythm. It's a little repetitive at moments, but still very enjoyable, and the bass lines here are pretty good, catchy and could be heard exceptionally clear.

"Guardian of Baphomet" is something from a similar Hell as "Nether Amon". It's not fast, not really slow, and full of ritualistic vocals.  I do love the drums here, as they're not plain and simple, but not overly complex either.  Clearly this isn't a progressive record, but make a case for it with the technicality. I could rave about every single song, but it's better that you enjoy this album yourself. Going through this track by track, and enjoying as much as I did,  I will guarantee something.  you will immediately will download this to your cellphone, or portable device, because you will be wanting to hear it constantly.

9 / 10

Almost Perfect








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"Itheist" Track-listing:

1. Outcast
2. Mighty Father of Rebellion
3. Guardian of Baphomet
4. Belial Unbound
5. Horned One
6. Infernal Insurrection
7. Neter Amon
8. Mankind in Extremis
9. Suffering in Existence

Itheist Lineup:

Dan Couch - Music
Kane Nelson - Vocals

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